Snapdragon 480+ on the Moto G51 – What’s Going On Here???

hey guys ash here from cessind and today we’ve got the motorola moto g51 with us so this is the higher variant of the g31 that we just saw so what does motorola have to offer this
is pretty interesting and i use the term interesting very loosely it’s got the snapdragon
480 plus chipset now the snapdragon 480 has a very negative connotation as in ever since nokia used

Moto G51

it on that 47 000 rupee phone we just don’t like that ship do we so what is motorola doing using it in the g51 is this an overpriced phone what is happening let’s unbox it and then talk about

it my name’s Ash you’re watching cessind and if you do end up liking what you see here let’s start with the unboxing so i guess this box it’s pretty typical motorola we’ve seen this with pretty much every moto phone launched in god knows how long so let’s go ahead open this
so as always we are greeted by the phone in its tpu case which is pretty nice

always appreciated so there are two colors that they are selling in india this is the
indigo blue that is also a bright silver variant i would actually have preferred the silver because

the blues just don’t do it for me it’s just become way too common in the past few years so
okay peeling that off let’s turn it on

and wait for the halo moto so the back is plastic of course uh goes without saying
there are three cameras here we will talk about all these let me just set it aside for the moment

so here we have the regular sim ejector pin and safety information booklet so next up we’ve got

a usb type A to type C cable and that’s followed by this this is again the big upgrade for the
indian variant we get a 20 watt turbo charger with it, globally they sell it with a 10 watt charger

so that’s something moto’s been doing for india just like with the g31 it’s a repeat here so guys

let’s first start with a quick look around the device to the right we’ve got the power key that
also doubles as a fingerprint scanner so despite this moto logo being to the back the fingerprint

scanner is present to the right now this scanner in the time that i’ve actually spent with it
it feels fast enough i mean not the fastest but it’s quite responsive now one extra feature
we will get to the software but just let me just throw it in here double tap and we get the power

touch option so basically you’re in any app you just want to quickly move on to something else

you can do that right from here so uh go into settings and you can just select
what apps you want to show i mean want to have them show up under power touch so now above that

we’ve got the volume keys and on on top of that is a google assistant key that cannot be remapped

i hate that in general uh but then at least it’s way out of reach it’s not something you’re going
to accidentally trigger now to the top we’ve got a secondary noise cancelling microphone to the left

we have a tray this is a hybrid setup so you can use either two sims or a sim and a micro sd card

now to the bottom we’ve got a headphone jack primary microphone usb type-c port and a speaker

up top here’s the earpiece and apart from that the notification led is also present this display here

it is 6.8 inches the full hd plus ips lcd panel so compared you know coming from a moto g31 that had

an amoled panel i do feel a little bit let down about this but then again it’s a 120 hertz panel
put a pin on it we will get to that that is a big part of this phone is worth it or not
we will get to it in a second now apart from that now for the selfies this is a 13 megapixel selfie

camera motorola does offer a 16 megapixel selfie camera on the g51s uh sold in china uh so that

is something worth noting with the rear cameras we’ve got a 50 megapixel primary followed by a 8

megapixel secondary that that’s an ultra wide uh the primary is coupled with the f 1.8 lens
and then finally we’ve got a macro that’s there as always just to make up the numbers
so now with the camera uh in the quick samples i took around it seems reasonably sharp
uh this is the ultra wide which i feel honestly could have better dynamic range

again ultra wide ultra wide regular shot regular
regular shots do seem they did come out well spot color is also present this is with a selfie camera

spot color works decently well and the images are okay i mean i wouldn’t call it the crispest
crispiest selfies ever or anything it’s it’s okay it’s a little i would even say it’s a little
uh lower on the average scale of things not too impressive uh any which ways so that’s
basically the camera uh now apart from that this is stock android right uh they call it my ux but

uh mostly they’ve left almost everything stock here this is android 11. uh now motorola claims

that they will be providing android 12 to this and also two years of software updates so given
the phone is launching at a time where android 12 is the standard with android 11 and they’re only

going to update it to android 12 that makes it uh put software in a fe spot but then again if you

want a stock android experience no ads almost no i mean there is there are no pre-loaded apps as well

so if you want that clean experience then this is a good choice and of course uh it’s not like it’s

without any tweaks the regular ones that we like like chop chop to turn on and turn off flashlight

or double twist to launch the camera and switch between the front and back cameras all these are

tucked away nicely inside the moto app so we’ve got all our regular motor features and then we’ve

got the power touch option we’ve got we’ve got dolby dolby atmos that’s one extra thing that
we’ve been seeing with the moto g31 as well so the dolby audio is included here
so that’s basically on the software side of things now apart from this uh other things
worth mentioning is that uh there is support for 12 5g bands three carrier aggregation 4×4 memo

from okay forget all that now the selling point or rather the most important thing the you know you

remember how i asked you guys to put a pin on the display it’s the 120 hertz refresh now this gives

me pause because the chip inside it’s a snapdragon 480 plus that’s a four series qualcomm chip

and this chipset you know we all know it from it being that chip that nokia used on a 47 000 rupee

phone a 4 series chip on a 47 000 rupee phone that makes the iphone look like amazing value for money

so is it really that bad a chip what are they doing well the 480 plus motorola’s
claim and also the benchmarks they indicated to be almost a similar to the snapdragon 732g
so uh from a benchmark perspective compared to the moto g31 this benchmark’s about 50
higher so all that seems nice moto’s claim that it should i mean it’s almost a 732 that sounds nice

and yes the benchmarks back it up but then again only when with actual use can i tell you guys if

hey moto’s right here the chip is actually better than uh what we think it is or maybe hey motors

again blowing smoke it isn’t really worth it so do you guys want to see a full review of this do
you want me to actually test out and do a review let me know in the comments if enough of you guys

want me to do it i’ll definitely get it done for now i do like what i’m seeing here if the 480 plus
i feel that’s what’s gonna make or break uh this phone if it turns out to be uh performing as well

as the benchmarks indicate then i think at 15 000 rupees that’s this seems to be a good device 120

hertz refresh yes i would have loved to see amoled uh but it still seems to be a nice bright panel

uh and yeah stock android and all that so that is basically the motorola moto g51
and now let me leave you guys with a few samples that i quickly shot around the office so
uh that will also give you a better idea of what to expect with regards to the camera so what do

you guys think about these samples what do you think about the moto g51 leave a comment down

below let me know and with that i guess we are at the end of this quick little unboxing and hands-on

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hit that bell icon if you haven’t yet and thanks a lot for watching until next time my name is ash

you’ve been watching c4 re-tech and i’m sending off for now you guys have a great day oh and it

also has ip52 i think i forgot to mention that and there’s a 5000mah battery on the inside damn it

i think i think i covered all other talking points
that i was that i had on my list so basically i have a teleprompter with some talking points
and the screen kind of went off in between so if there’s something else that i forgot i will just
pin it on a frame right now pause.

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