How to make Fake Call to anyone by changing mobile number

What is Fake Call How to make Fake Call  – Like we have told you earlier that Android is such a platform where if you want to do something, you will get its app. Like you can control your mobile with your face too . You can call anyone by changing your mobile number. In today’s time this is also possible.

What is Fake Call?

When we call someone, our mobile number appears in his mobile, but if you make a fake call to someone, then the same number will appear in his mobile as you would like. In a fake call, the person in front never knows who has called him. If you make your mobile number as 00000, then the person in front will go to the square and think what kind of number it is. Fake call has now become even more advanced, in this you can also change your voice to MALE or FEMALE. Even if the person in front wants to recognize you by your voice, he will not be able to recognize you. With fake call you can joke with your friends. If someone bothers you, then you can teach him a lesson by making your voice and number different.

How to make Fake Call to anyone by changing your mobile number 

Well, there are many apps in the internet from which we can make fake calls but the best is caller id changer app because it is very easy to call, you will not find this app in playstore because google does not support fake things so you can download it from here can do.

* First of all you have to download Caller Id Changer app.

* After this you have to write your number above, here you have to write the same number which you want to show in other’s mobile.

* Write the mobile number of the person you want to call below it.

* If you want to change your voice too, then go to setting and change your voice to MALE or FEMALE.

* Now click on Dial. The call will start in a few seconds. The same number will appear in the mobile of the front that you have written in this app.

This app has nothing to do with the main balance of your mobile. With this you call for free, but for this, data or wifi should be on in your mobile.

Free balance for Caller Id changer

If you look at the bottom side of this app, you will see the balance 0.90, with this balance you can call someone only once or twice. When this balance is exhausted, then you have to add balance to it by some rupees. You can call again only after adding balance.

What happens many times, we make a call once, but due to the exhaustion of balance, we are not able to call again, but you can also add unlimited balance to it for free. We have also written about this, so if you want to add balance for free, then read this –

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