Makan ka Batwara kaise kare – The right legal way to partition a house

Makan ka Batwara kaise kare

Makan ka Batwara kaise kare Friends, sometimes when a parent has more than one son in a house, there is very little chance that they are living together and a day comes when a house is divided between different brothers. And then at that time the question arises that Makan ka Batwara kaise kare because everyone wants that both brothers should be divided with equal share of the house and their names should be made as the basis of the house and land . 

Through this important article of ours today, how can we divide the house or house for all of you? We are going to provide you with detailed information about this, which is going to be very useful for you because everyone’s house is divided but no one knows the rule of partition , which you will know in this article and That is why you must read this article from beginning to end.

Why is the house divided?

When parents have two sons or more than two sons, then in such a situation there comes a time when the father’s entire property and household has to be divided among all his sons. In the earlier times, the division of father’s property and household household was very less, but now his property and household are divided as soon as the father is alive. 

Makan ka Batwara kaise kare

You will find very few such people who live together in a family, but most of the situations are such when the time has come to divide between an organized family. Partition is done only when there is more than one son, otherwise when a father has only one son, then in such a situation all his property and all the household becomes automatically in the name of his son and during that time the situation of partition is also done. does not arise.

how to partition a house

Friends, it is not easy to divide the house, for this many rules have to be followed and not only this, among the people the house is being divided and whatever is coming in their share if they are satisfied with it. Then only after completing some other process, it is possible to partition a house in a good way and according to the rules. 

So let us know which rules you have to follow to partition a house, the information of which is explained in detail below and this will also give you an idea of ​​who to partition a house or house. You have to go through the process.

called the village sarpanch

See, when there is work of partition etc. in the house, then first of all we should call the sarpanch of the village so that he can be a witness to all these things and if you are in the city then you invite the head of your area to your house and Then start the work of division, it is very important to do this because sometimes when the partition happens and then after that the dispute remains, then such senior people are the witnesses of these things and when necessary their statement is also given to the chief officers. You can put them in the middle and their statement is also facilitated.

Invite at least five seniors

After calling the head of the village, we should invite at least five other village or senior people of our basti, because during any kind of division, it is very important for senior people to be present there and this is the panchayat. There is also a rule. When the house is divided in the presence of such people, then all these senior people ask about the consent of both the parties to be partitioned and not only this, there is a division between the people. 

Those people can also put their point in front of such senior people and then the senior people divide the house on the same basis so that there is no difference of any kind between the two parties and neither they feel that they have got more. And they got less. All these senior people are fully witness to the partition works and their statement is also fully validated by the government.

call the district magistrate

When you are not satisfied with the division of the house and it seems that perhaps the decision is not being taken in your favor, then you can also invite the District Magistrate because the District Magistrate is also responsible for the disputed partition of the house etc. and assist both the parties in taking the right decision. 

When the division of house etc. takes place in front of the District Magistrate, then during that time the points of both the parties are selected and not only that if one of the parties has given his full contribution in the construction of the house etc. and the other party has not done anything like this. So during this time the District Magistrate will listen carefully to the words of both the birds. 

And only after listening carefully to both the sides, the right decision will be given by the District Magistrate and during this time the village head officer and other senior people will also be present at the time of partition of your house and then on the same basis the house will be divided etc. .

Get the house divided by sitting Panchayat

Friends, when the dispute becomes more in the division of the house and when one party does not accept the decision of partition sitting in the house and keeps on making controversial allegations and counter allegations against each other, then in such a situation, Panchayat is set up for the division of the house. Partition should be done because this is another and most correct way to partition the house. 

Make sure to have a right day and after that if you want, call any of your senior relatives and you also invite the people you know in your village and everyone gather at the place of Panchayat. Now both the parties should put their points in front of the head of the panchayat for the division of the house and for your information, let us tell you that 5 people of the village are seated in the panchayat, which is accepted by their words. 

The Panchayat should listen carefully to both the sides and at the same time, if there is someone to speak on your behalf, then they will listen to them and when everything is known and understood, then the decision will be given by the Panchayat and the decision will be taken. Panchayat will pronounce that decision will be pronounced before the village and both the parties will have to accept the decision of Panchayat. With the help of Panchayat, most of the houses etc. can be easily distributed and you can also take the help of Panchayat in this.

Allotment of house through registry 

Friends, if you want that there should not be any kind of dispute in the division of the house, then in such a situation, you can easily get your house divided through the registry. For this you have to take permission from the court and the court gives you a stipulated time. 

And during that time you have to appear in the court along with your land papers and all the title of the house and then the court divides the house by estimating the share. 

And at the same time, the number of houses that will come in the share of the shareholders of each house will be registered in the name of the owner of the house and then in this way very easily the division of the house can be done through the registry without any dispute. Is. 

Get the house registered in your name

Now when your house is partitioned in the last, then first of all, from the point of view of security and to show your ownership, get the registry of all the houses that have come in your name in your name. When you will get the house registered in your name after partition. 

Then if there is any further debate, then you will be safe and no one will be able to claim any share in your share as the registration has already been done in your name and in this way you can get the house after allotment of the house with transparency. You can keep your stake safe by getting the name registered in your name.

How to partition a house? Some frequently asked questions and their answers related to

How do we divide the house here? Some of the related questions have been answered.

Q. How to do government distribution of house?

If you want to partition your house, then first you have to contact the District Magistrate Officer or you have to contact the Patwari and tell them about the information related to the division of the house, apart from this you can also take the help of policemen.

Then the officer will visit your house and according to the number of share holders of the house, the division of the house will be done following the government rules and all the house sharers will get the amount of land that will come in their share in their name.

Q. Is the matter of Panchayat accepted in the distribution of house?

Wherever there is a division, then the point of the Panchayat is fully recognized and whatever decision the head of the Panchayat takes, the same decision has to be accepted by both the parties.

Q. Can the partition of the house be done by the government method also?

Yes, allotment of houses etc. can be done in the official way also.

Q. How to partition the house without debate?

If you want to partition the house without any dispute, then you will have to partition the house in the manner of registry and in this way both the parties are called in the court on a specified date and then all the shareholders of the house. their share is seen. 

And then after assessing all these things, the judgment is pronounced before the judge in the court, and then on the same decision, each shareholder is given the bail of the house by putting the official seal and the amount of land that will come in his share is given to the house. The tax is paid in the name of each of the shareholders.

Q. Can the assistance of District Magistrate also be taken in disputed partition of house?

Yes, of course, if there is a disputed partition of any type of house, then in such a situation, you can also invite the District Magistrate Officer to do the right partition and the District Magistrate Officer will help you in dividing your house by following the government rules. Will fully help.


In our today’s important article, we have provided you people with detailed information related to Makan ka Batwara kaise kare and we hope that now how to divide the house etc. to you? There will be no need to know about any other information related to.

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