LED Full Form in English: What is LED and how it works

Today we are going to tell you about LED Full Form; In today’s article, we are going to tell you complete information about it.

Usually, all of us use many types of LED products in our homes, but we do not know much about it, what is it and what is LED Full Form etc. In today’s article we will give you information related to these. gonna tell.

Often many people keep asking about it, so this article of ours has been written so that we can tell you complete information about it in Hindi, what is it and how it works and what are its products.

LED Full Form

If many people do not know its full name, then first of all we are telling you about its full name so that you can get to know about its full name.

It is also called Light Emitting Dion in Hindi but most of the people know it by the name of LED.

What Is LED

LEDs are also called solid-state devices because the light in LED is generated through a solid semiconductor. LED is a semiconductor device that emits light when current or electricity is released into it, then light is produced in it.

In today’s time, LED is the most used because it consumes much less electricity than others and it contains up to 70% more light than others in bulbs etc., due to which most of the people are interested in LED.

The popularity of LED is increasing very fast every day because it has the ability to emit different types of light, we can also keep LED light in the active semiconductor category because we can compare its diode with normal Junral didode.

History Of LED

LED was first introduced to the world by British scientist HJ Round in 1907, after that in 1961, 2 British scientists discovered through experiment that gallium emits infrared radiation when exposed to arsenic electrical current. Later he made a patent in the name of LED.

After that, in 1962, the first visible light LED came, it was made by holonyak jr. And increased the output of red light to the factor of 10, which is considered a great success at that time.

Advantages Of LED

There are many different benefits of using LED, if you use it then you must know its benefits and if you buy any LED product, then you are told many of its benefits in that too, we are telling you about it. Which you get by using LED.

  • Its biggest advantage is that LED saves a lot in electricity.
  • They work very well even in very low voltage
  • The voltage range of LED is 1 to 2 and the current range is from 5 to 20 Milliampers.
  • Talking about LED life, they last much longer than others.
  • LEDs are very light and small compared to other bulbs.
  • LED bulbs always give bright light
  • If we talk about the numbers, then it can last for 20 years as compared to others.

You get all these benefits by using LED, apart from this, you get many different benefits by using LED and generally everyone is advised to use LED so that more people can be saved.

Calculation – In this article, we have tried our best to give you complete information about what is LED Full Form and what are LEDs and what are its benefits, we hope that you must have liked the information given by us, if you like it. If you want to ask any question about this, then you can comment us and if you like the information, then definitely share it with your friends so that other people can also get information about it.

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