Jio is working on the JioBook – an ARM laptop with Windows 10

Jio, backed by Reliance, is probably best known for its cellular network in India and affordable subsidized devices. recently, the JioPone Next and the JioPhone 5G soon. A Jio laptop has also been surfacing in the rumor mill for some time now. It was mentioned in a hardware certification document. Unfortunately, the document doesn’t reveal any specs for the device other than the fact that it’s clearly ARM-based as opposed to x86 and certified to run the ARM version of Windows 10.


JioBook Certification

The filing also mentions “Emdoor Digital Technology Co., Ltd.” – the OEM of the laptop in question. It has a Shenzhen-based company specializing in such hardware. As we know the “product name” for the device will be “QL218_V2.2_JIO_11.6_20220113_v2”, we searched and found a wide range of “218 series” devices on the Emdoor Digital Technology website. All of them, however, use an Intel or AMD x86 CPU and not an ARM chip. Their designs also look very different, so we can’t say which chassis Jio will use. Emdoor Digital Technology is customizing specifically for Jio.

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