IPL Match List 2022 | Tata IPL Match List ( IPL 2022 Schedule Match )

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Do you want to download or watch Tata IPL Match List 2022? In fact, since the super mega option of Tata IPL 2022 has ended, and along with it, the anger of compassion in India has subsided a bit, so it has been decided to play all the Tata IPL matches of this 2022 year in India. Right after that many people want IPL match list which they can download and keep with them.

IPL Match List
IPL Match List

Perhaps you know, last year after playing some IPL matches in India first, all the other matches had to be played in UAE due to compassion. But due to the outbreak of compassion in India this year, the BCCI has decided to play all the Tata IPL schedule 2022 matches in India from March 26, 2022. Actually, this year the biggest reason for feeding all the matches in India for all the Tata IPL matches 2022 tournament is the entertainment of the people. Because whenever IPL matches are scheduled outside India, people are not entertained to that extent.

Like every single year, BCCI wants all the IPL matches to be held on the exact IPL schedule 2022 so that everyone can enjoy all the IPL matches equally. Therefore, this year the list of Tata IPL matches has been scheduled from 26 March to 29 April. So if you want the complete list of IPL matches of this year, then well beyond our article, and by following this list, you can watch IPL matches live on your mobile.

IPL Match List 2022 | Tata IPL Match List ( IPL 2022 Schedule Match )

IPL Match List
IPL Match List

Today we will present here all the Tata IPL match list to be held in 2022 in front of you, so that you will know which IPL team’s match is on which date. Along with this, you will also be able to know the time table of your favorite team’s IPL match. And you can also download our Ins Tata IPL 2022 Schedule Match List in PDF and keep it on your phone.

Perhaps you know, in the IPL match of 2022, total 8+2=10 teams are playing. Where each team will face each other with each other team, twice before the final or semi-final match. That’s why in our Tata IPL Match List 2022, you will clearly see which team will face each other on which date and when.

IPL Match List
IPL Match List

After asking every single IPL cricket lover one thing has come to the fore that, with this IPL Match List 2022 every person wants to see Tata IPL Schedule Match Time Table in one post list.

So today in this article you will be asked in detail about all Tata IPL 2022 Schedule List so that you will be able to see IPL Match List 2022 as well as on time table. But before that, let us introduce you to all the IPL teams of this Tata IPL 2022.

  1. Mumbai Indians,
  2. Royal Challenger Bangalore,
  3. Rajasthan Royals,
  4. Gujarat Titans,
  5. Kolkata Knight Riders,
  6. Chennai Super Kings,
  7. Sunrisers Hyderabad,
  8. Lucknow Supergiants,
  9. Delhi Daredevils,
  10. Kings XI Punjab.

Here are the names of 10 IPL Teams that will face each other twice during the IPL match (except in the final and semi-final matches).

IPL Match List 3
IPL Match List

Apart from this, there are also many IPL cricket lovers who want a separate match list of each IPL team, such as: Mumbai Indians IPL Match List, Royal Challengers Bangalore Match List, Chennai Super Kings Match List, Rajasthan Royals Match List, Kings XI Punjab Match List etc. So if you go to the Tata IPL Match List together with the separate match list of all the teams, then by going to our website, you can see the serial list of each team by searching.

Download IPL Match List

First we give you the match list of the entire IPL happening now, after that we will present the match list for each team separately in front of you.

IPL Match List

Match No.Team Vs. TeamMatch DateTimeVenue
1.CSK Vs KKR26, March 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
2.MI Vs DC27, March 20223:30 PMBrabourne Stadium
3.PBKs Vs RCB27 March 20227:30 PMDr DY Patil Sports Academy, Navi-Mumbai
4.LSG vs GT28 March 20227:30 PMWankhede Stadium
5.RR Vs SRH29 March 20227:30 PMMaharashtra Cricket Association Stadium
6.KKR Vs SRH31 March 20227:30 PM
7.RR Vs DC01 April 20227:30 PM
8.RCB Vs MI02 April 20223:30 PM
9.Ahmedabad Vs Lucknow02 April, 20227:30 PM
10.CSK Vs PBKS03 April, 20223:30 PM
11.SRH Vs RCB03 April, 20227:30 PM
12.Ahmedabad Vs MI04 April, 20227:30 PM
13.DC Vs KKR05 April, 20227:30 PM
14.CSK Vs RCB06 April, 20227:30 PM
15.SRH Vs PBKS07 April 20223:30 PM
16.RR Vs KKR08 April, 20227:30 PM
17.DC Vs Lucknow09 April, 20227:30 PM
18.Ahmedabad Vs CSK09 April, 20223:30 PM
19.DC Vs SRH10 April 20227:30 PM
20.RCB Vs RR10 April 20223:30 PM
21.MI Vs Lucknow11 April 20227:30 PM
22.KKR Vs Ahmedabad12 April 20227:30 PM
23.PBKS Vs RR13 April 20227:30 PM
24.MI Vs CSK14 April 20227:30 PM
25.KKR Vs RCB15 April 20227:30 PM
26.DC Vs PBKS16 April, 20227:30 PM
27.SRH Vs MI16 April, 20223:30 PM
28.RR Vs Ahmedabad17 April 20227:30 PM
29.CSK Vs Lucknow17 April 20223:30 PM
30.DC Vs RCB18 April, 20227:30 PM
31.Lucknow Vs CSK19 April 20227:30 PM
32.Ahmedabad Vs SRH20 April 20227:30 PM
33.KKR Vs PBKS21 April, 20227:30 PM
34.RR Vs MI22 April 20227:30 PM
35.RCB Vs Lucknow23 April, 20227:30 PM
36.Ahmedabad Vs DC23 April, 20223:30 PM
37.MI Vs PBKS24 April, 20227:30 PM
38.RR Vs Lucknow24 April 20223:30 PM
39.CSK Vs SRH25 April, 20227:30 PM
40.DC Vs Ahmedabad26 April, 20227:30 PM
41.SRH Vs KKR27 April 20227:30 PM
42.CSK Vs RR28 April, 20227:30 PM
43.Lucknow Vs MI29 April 20227:30 PM
44.Ahmedabad Vs KKR30 April, 20227:30 PM
45.SRH Vs DC30 April, 20223:30 PM
46.RCB Vs PBKS01 April 20227:30 PM
47.KKR Vs CSK01 April, 20223:30 PM
48..MI Vs DC02 April, 20227:30 PM
49.RCB Vs Ahmedabad03 April 20227:30 PM
50.PBKS Vs Lucknow04 April 20227:30 PM
51.RR Vs CSK05 April, 20227:30 PM
52.PBKS Vs MI06 April 20227:30 PM
53.SRH Vs Lucknow07 April 20227:30 PM
54.RCB Vs RR08 April 20227:30 PM
55.CSK Vs DC08 April 20223:30 PM
56.Ahmedabad Vs PBKS09 April, 20227:30 PM
57.MI Vs SRH10 April 20227:30 PM
58.KKR Vs RCB11 April 20227:30 PM
59.PBKS Vs DC12 April 20227:30 PM
60.Ahmedabad Vs RR13 April 20227:30 PM
61.KKR Vs MI14 April 20227:30 PM
62.Lucknow Vs SRH14 April 20223:30 PM
63.PBKS Vs RCB15 April, 20227:30 PM
64.Ahmedabad Vs CSK15 April 20223:30 PM
65.Lucknow Vs KKR16 April 20227:30 PM
66.MI Vs RR17 April, 20227:30 PM
67.PBKS Vs SRH18 April 20227:30 PM
68.DC Vs Lucknow19 April 20227:30 PM
69.RCB Vs CSK20 April, 20227:30 PM
70.RR Vs KKR21 April 20227:30 PM
71.Qualifier-122 April, 20227:30 PM
72.Eliminator24 April 20227:30 PM
73.Qualifier-227 April 20227:30 PM
74.FINAL29 April, 20227:30 PM

Tata IPL Match List ( IPL 2022 Schedule Match )

So if you want to see this IPL match list everyday, then bookmark this page on your mobile so that you can see the details of every new IPL match by directly opening this page every day.

Some frequently asked questions and answers about IPL Match List (TATA IPL Match List)

When will the TATA IPL 2022 match start?

TATA IPL 2022 match will start on 26 March.

When is the final match of TATA IPL 2022?

The IPL final match of 2022 is on 29 April.

How to Download Tata IPL Match List 2022?

If you want to download IPL match list in PDF then follow this article of ours.


So as you are able to see, today in this article of ours, we have presented the IPL match list of 2022 in front of you, it has also been kept in front of you that which teams will face each other on which date. So we hope that by reading all this information of ours, you must have got to know about IPL 2022 Schedule very well. After this, if you want to know anything more about any match of Tata IPL Schedule List 2022, then you can ask your question in the comment box given below.

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