iPhone 13 Pro Max Unboxing – Full phone specifications

iPhone 13 Pro Max: Apple usually comes up with a pro and pro max variant each year to go along with the regular pro, this is usually the balls to wall device with egregious specs and size to make it the pinnacle of apple’s mobile engineering.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

While that is true, it begs the question if it is indeed worth the premium over the regular pro which oftentimes is really close in terms of specs if not size. Let us unbox the giant…..this giant and see if it’s worth the hype, hey guys this

iPhone 13 Pro Max

is Ananthan from cessind , let’s roll Here is a small montage of the unboxing experience, cos unlike some things in life there isn’t any need to do this 4 times. 😛 Much like the iphone 12 pro max the first thing that stands out is how obscenely large it is to hold in hand, the fact that it has squared off edges makes the phone feel wider than it should.

It is huuuuuugeeee and there is no way around it. But then again anyone considering this phone is already wise to this fact. But there are benefits to the bigger size, you get a bigger screen and battery that makes

it an absolute beast, while we are talking about the screen, this year apple has finally
put in a 120 hz pro motion xdr display and the results are amazing, the entire experience
seems to be very fast and snappy, iphones never felt slow or sluggish even with the
60hz display to us, but this display is just buttery smooth and apple managed to overcome
the tell tale delay in ramp up of the refresh rate that other devices with variable frame
rates have.

It is an absolute treat to use and consume media on, altho the latter is mostly due to
the sheer size , so in short the 6.7 inch 120 hz amoled panel is a knockout. And hey we have a 20 % smaller notch, not that it makes the notch any less ugly,

but the notch does feel smaller in comparison to the 13 pro and basic 13 .the colors and
viewing are never issues with any apple device and is the same here, So what’s the down side
of a large display and 120 hz?

Thankfully there are none – the battery has been bumped up from 3687 mah to 4373 mah to
offset any additional battery drain and Apple claims that the battery life will be 1.5 hrs longer than on the 12 pro max.

So that’s cool The extra battery comes with its own caveats, the phone weighs around 240 grams and by anyone’s standard that’s a heavy phone and the charging speeds being 20 w wired and 15 w magsafe wud take an eternity to charge.

I really hope that Apple comes up with faster charging protocols at least for their pro
models next year cos these speeds are pretty long in the tooth at this point with mid range
android devices charging in an eye blink, but that’s a rant for another day.

The iphone 13 pro max sports the latest A15 bionic, which on paper seems an beast and
like the battery life, the processors have never been an issue on the iphones, this too
in my short time with it seemed a beast, we had no slowdowns or lag, we even played a
round of call of duty and genshin impact, the iphone 13 pro max blazed through it on
max settings – we can only tell u so much with 15 mins of each game, we would be sure
to test this is greater detail for the full review.

The A15 bionic with the 5 gpu core felt no different from the 4 core version on the iphone
13 and maybe that’s because the iphone 13 does not have to push 120hz. To be fair even the 13 pro max doesn’t push 120 hz all the time,

apple has the apple equivalent of dynamic refresh rates where the phone decides the refresh rates based on what activity is being performed, apple had a nice demo of this during the launch.

IOS 15 is part of the reason why the performance is this snappy – it is an iterative improvement on ios 14 with added features that are tastefully done, without going into too much detail the focus mode, facetime features like share play and the revamped notification system are few of the headliners.

We will discuss this in greater detail during our full review Unlike last year, The iphone 13 pro max shares optics with the 13 pro including the sensor shift technology and telephoto zoom, so it’s redundant to tell you the same thing again , instead here is what we said about the camera in the 13 pro Post….

The 13 Pro comes with a 12MP primary camera that achieves a pixel size of 1.9 microns
which is the highest till date for any iPhone – given the megapixel counts not changed – as
you’d expect we have a larger sensor here…

The pictures as you can see turn out bright and crisp with a lot of detail.
The colors are in typical apple fashion are more natural than saturated
Next We have a new telephoto setup – this one comparatively a minor upgrade – it zooms
3x now – so a little extra reach and It also pulls double duty when shooting portraits.
Sometimes I do prefer the look of portraits when shot with a telephoto – helps sell the
fake bokeh effect with the natural compression of optics.

The ultrawide is pretty good although we couldn’t really find any difference from last gen.
What’s improved is the color shift you see when compared to the primary camera.
Apple has pretty much bridged that gap in tonal differences you get when switching between
the different cameras – btw also worth mentioning – The ultrawide this like with ultrawides
on the android side of things for a while now can shoot macros – The camera app automatically

detects when you get close to the subject and goes into macro mode, so again apple keeping
things simple you don’t have to do anything manually
The 4k and 1080p video output from the 13 pro seem to be pro level with super smooth
stabilization and natural looking colors.

The autofocus is fast and consistent and the exposure is pretty well behaved even under
harsh lighting situations.

It’s gonna be super difficult to shoot bad videos with this phone – mov9ing on, we then
have cinematic video – this is one feature that’s been very hyped – This mode basically
applies the portrait effect to the videos with intelligent autofocus that switches between
subjects depending upon the scene.

It works pretty well and the output does indeed look cinematic …except when the background blur gets messed up. It should get better with time though… Thnak you Ash for making my life easier!

Something that seems to go up along with the display size is the price, this time around we have 4 skews, 128, 256, 512 and 1 tb which are priced at rs 129900, 139900, 159900 and 179900 respectively and no matter how you look at it, it is a very expensive device and one that not all of us can afford.

A few years ago, it was perfectly legitimate to say that Apple was overcharging its customers
for the device on offer – fondly called the apple tax.

However with other manufacturers upping their prices so much so that the consumer is desensitized to the 6 figure price tag, they aren’t the only ones commanding an arm and a leg for their flagships.

Does that make it right? Probably not, but it has become more acceptable. So to sum it up, we have a nice large device with great display, performance and optics with a promise of killer battery life.

I cant believe that we have gone 3 Post without talking about the ecosystem – well, apple makes a lot of other products and accessories ranging from apple tv to macbooks to apple

All of these interact with each other seamlessly and for some people that is of paramount importance , if you are one of them, more power to you.

For the vast majority of us who have their hands in many pies that aren’t apples – no pun intended, this device is a little overpriced and I can’t in good conscience recommend the
giant 13 pro max over the cheaper iphone 13 or 13 pro.

In the end.

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