iOS 15.4 beta support for 120Hz refresh rate in all apps

iOS 15.4 beta: Apple’s latest iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max feature 120Hz ProMotion displays, but only a few apps support 120 frames per second. Mostly system apps at that. Well, with the upcoming iOS 15.4 software, Apple is finally adding support for all apps to make use of the buttery smooth experience. It’s worth noting that iOS 15.4 is currently in beta.

iOS 15.4 beta support for 120Hz

For now, iOS 15.4 is still in beta and the information comes from a developer who says he got the news from “someone at Apple”. He posted a screenshot as proof.

iOS 15.4 beta

It appears that Apple was able to remove the Core Animation bug that would not allow animations to exceed 60fps. However, we cannot confirm if all apps will automatically run at 120fps or if some developers would have to modify their app code as well.

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