Input devices in English– What are input devices

Input devices in English If you learn computer or have ever read about computer then you will know about input devices. Let us tell you that there are different types of devices in the computer which work together and give us our directed results. In the process, all the devices are divided into different types. In this article of Input devices in English, we are going to give you detailed information about a particular type of input device. 

As we told you that there are different types of devices in a computer, some of them are special types of devices, which we know as input devices, what are those devices or what is called an input device, to know what is called an input device, keep this article till the end. Read it. 

Input device in English

Input devices are devices that we can touch with our hands. 

Input devices in English

This one sentence does not define this type of device but it does describe one of their characteristics. As a definition, we can say that input devices are such devices with which we send information or enter data inside the computer. 

That is, the devices of the computer which we can touch and through them we give information or instruct the computer how to work, then we call it input device. 

Keyboard Mouse Scanner Microphone is some special type of input device which we use in our everyday life. Most of the input devices are hardware, remember that everything that we can touch in the computer is called hardware, but not every hardware is an input device. 

Types of input device

As we told you, input devices are those special types of devices with the help of which we give information or instructions to the computer. 

To transfer any information to the computer, we use some special devices, we have told you in detail below. 


It is an important input device that we use to give instructions to the computer, whenever we have to give any instruction to the computer whether it is in human language or in computer programming language, we reach the computer by writing it through the  keyboard .

The first keyboard that came among us used to have very few buttons and some changes had to be made in it daily. Christopher Latham Sholes first discovered the keyboard in 1890. It was a QWERT keyboard with all kinds of buttons used in a computer and made our job easier than ever. 

There are different types of keyboards, some are wireless, for which you do not need a wire, some are light ones, so that you can type in the dark, you can easily find all these different types of keyboards in the market today. And their main job is to give instructions to the computer, now you send the type of instruction you want to give to the computer by typing it in your keyboard. 


The second most important input device after the keyboard, the mouse, the mouse mainly functions as the hand of the computer. That is, when you have to click on a file in the computer screen or have to move any information from one place to another on the computer screen, then we use it.

There are three types of buttons in the mouse , whose left button we use to select or open something in the computer, while with its right button we use it to select things to black. There is a scroller in the middle with which we work to move the computer screen up and down. 

Like the keyboard, the mouse has also come in different types and you can easily buy it separately and install it. 


It is another popular input device used specifically for playing video games. It is made up of two words and a stick. One ball of the joystick acts as the rotation of the socket and the other ball serves to give you direction, with the help of this you can play video games with great ease and with twice the fun experience. 


It is a very important input device that we use to store any digital picture safely. Through the scanner, we scan a document, then edit it or keep it safe in the computer, scanning reduces the size of our document or picture and it can be decorated quickly and easily with anyone. Because of this, most of the important documents or photographs are scanned and kept in the computer. 

In many offices, you have to submit a scan party of the document or photograph. With this you can get an idea of ​​the importance of this channel. 


Have you ever tried to do a voice search on your mobile by seeing Google ‘s promotion on TV ?

If you have done this then let us tell you that when you speak, there is no microphone in your mobile which listens to your voice and conducts the instructions further. 

Similarly, the computer also has a microphone which is known as Mic. Nowadays we can connect the bike to the mobile or computer from outside and when we give our instruction, the computer will work on it after listening to our instruction. 

This is a very important input devices, its use is increasing very fast, you can buy a good microphone in the Indian market at a low price and give instructions by speaking to your computer and make your work more easy. 

 FAQ About Input devices in English

Q. What is an input device?

How the computer The special devices that we use to give instructions to the computer are called input devices.

Q. Which is the most important input device?

The keyboard, mouse, and microphone are currently the most important input devices for computers.

Q. Who invented the keyboard?

The keyboard was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes in 1890.

Q. 5 Input device names?

The names of 5 input devices are – keyboard, mouse, microphone, scanner, and joy stick.

Q. Why use input devices?

In a computer or mobile, we use input devices to transmit our information to the computer, with the help of input devices, we instruct the computer to do what or what work.


Hopefully, after reading this article in detail, you must have got detailed information about Input devices in English. In simple language, Input devices are called special devices that are part of a computer or mobile and with the help of them we are able to give our instructions to the computer or mobile. 

If you have got detailed information about Input Device in this article, then share it with your friends and do not forget to tell us your thoughts by commenting. 

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