How to open a government ration shop, there will be bumper earnings in 2022

In this article, we will tell you how to open a government ration shop in 2022 and what documents will be required to open a government ration shop and what is the process of application, along with this I will also tell you the place to open a government ration shop. How to choose What should be the eligibility criteria for this, if you are also unemployed and want to find some work, then opening a ration shop can prove to be beneficial for you.

How to open a government ration shop

Rising unemployment is a big problem for India, in such a situation, if you want to do your own business, then it will be most appropriate for you, if you want to do a government ration shop, then let me tell you that it is a very profitable business. You must have bought ration from the government ration shop at some point of time, in such a situation, you know very well that the government ration shop provides ration to the ration card holders at a reasonable price.

A few years ago, the ration card of the people living below the poverty line was made very difficult because the government employees used to ask for bribe for this, but the present government has not only made the ration card of the real poor people but they have very easily got very low price. Providing ration in Since now the customers are increasing, so the government is also giving ration dealership not only in the city but in most of the gram panchayats, this will give employment to the educated people and their ration to the poor people, so let’s start the article.

what is a government ration shop

Friends, ration is provided to the ration card holders at the government ration shops at a very low price, under Section 3 of the Essential Commodities Act, ration card holders are given ration by the government at a low price.

Licenses are also given for ration shops under this section, although to take this license, you have to fulfill the eligibility criteria and qualifications because not everyone can take a license, here the process of taking a license is done under the Public Distribution System. Is.

If you open a government ration shop, then you will have to sell ration at the price fixed by the government, it will be your responsibility to deliver the ration that the government will deliver to you, to the ration card holders and you will also have to keep the account book of all the ration card holders.

If you open a government ration card shop, then all the facilities available in the shop are provided by the government, there are many types of machines in the shop which are all government software provided to you in the ration card shop. There is also the government on which you work.

how to open government ration shop

For this, first of all you have to choose the right place, after that you have to get a government ration shop license for which you can apply in your panchayat . To apply, you will have to fill a form with which you will have to attach the necessary documents like your Aadhar, qualification and family ID, after a verification process your license will be created and then you can open the shop .

Apart from all this, you also have to take special care of some things like you should have enough space for the shop and should have such a place which can be easily used for 12 months of the year. If you also want to open a government shop, then it has been explained in detail below, this information will prove useful for you, so read it carefully .

How to choose a place for a government ration shop

If you want to open a ration shop and you want all the customers to come to the ration depot, then your shop should be at a specific place. If you open a shop then you will not have to face any kind of competition here.

Here we are giving you five suggestions to choose a place for ration shop, read them carefully and choose a good place to open a ration shop.

1 If someone takes a shop, then there can be a problem for you, so try as much as possible that the shop should be at your own place.

2. If you are opening a ration shop, then keep in mind that this shop should not be in any remote area and if there is a road of 8 to 15 feet wide in front of this shop, then it will be best, there should be some empty space in front of the shop. Because there are often lines in front of the ration shops and when the goods are delivered by the government, the goods come in big trucks, so there should be a place to stand and store the goods.

3. Your government ration shop should be slightly higher than the normal ration shops, different places have different requirements related to ration shops but generally the height of your shop should be more than 3 meters.

4. In certain types of areas where the number of ration takers is high, you will also need to build a godown with the shop, so that you can keep more setok in the shop at a time. But if the number of ration card holders is not more in your area, then there is no need to build a separate warehouse, you can also keep the goods in your shop, and from there you can give the goods to the customers.

5. Keep in mind that you can open a ration shop only in your vicinity, so while choosing the place for the ration shop, keep in mind that you have to open the shop only in your vicinity. Because when you want to get license for ration shop, you will not be given license to open shop in any other place, you can open shop only in your area.

Eligibility Criteria for opening a government ration shop

  • You should have at least ₹ 50000 in your bank account, if you are applying for a license, then maintain a balance of ₹ 50000 in your account.
  • Only citizens of India can apply for ration shop and a person can apply for government ration depot only for his/her vicinity.
  • If you have a license from fssai or any food corporation of india then you will not be able to get other license for ration shop, to open a government ration shop it is the main eligibility criterion that the person has any kind of food grains Must not have a license.
  • If you want to get a license for a government ration shop, then you should have passed class 10th, that is, you should have studied up to matriculation and in many places, 12th and graduation are also asked.

Documents required for government ration shop

To open a government ration shop, it is necessary to have a family ID as an income proof because earlier an income certificate was made, the government has disabled it and now the income will be verified from the family ID.

A residential card and Aadhar card will also be required, in many places, the Aadhar card is accepted as an address proof. Photocopy of your degree and bank account details will also have to be given, if PAN card is not linked in your bank account, then you should give a separate PAN card.

how to apply for government ration shop

If you want to apply for government ration shop then there are two different procedures, if you want to open ration shop for rural area then you have to follow different process and if you want to apply for ration in urban area. If you want to open a shop, then you have to complete a different process for this.

Keep in mind that if you want to open a ration shop in rural area then there is no online process whereas if you are doing ration depot in urban area then you can also apply online, let’s see that rural and urban What is the process of application in both the fields.

Process to open government ration depot in rural area

There is a small meeting of the Block Development Office in every village, in which you can put your point, here you have to put your objective in front of the birds and tell why you want to open a ration shop in the village.

There can be only two main reasons for opening a ration shop, either the customers have to go somewhere far to get the ration or there is some kind of potting going on in the ration shop located already which you can bring to the fore.

Here, if your point is accepted by the Panchayat, then you will have to fill a form where you will have to fill all the details according to the requirement, here you will have to attach your name, educational qualification and all other documents together.

There can be many candidates for ration shops, so all the candidates are scrutinized. There is no information.

There is also a lot of rigging in the selection process of ration depots in rural areas, with government identity, taking government depots in the village becomes a very easy process. If your application is accepted, then the process of granting the license is taken forward by sending it to the District Magistrate.

After many procedures you get the license, there is no need for you to engage in these processes, you just have to submit the application, if it is approved then you will be informed about it, once you get the license, you can easily Will be able to open government ration shop.

Procedure to open government ration depot in urban area

Friends, in urban areas, a notification is put out by the concerned department on their website where you will be able to apply online, the process of getting ration depot in urban areas is a bit confusing and difficult, and the selection process here is also quite opaque.

If you want to open ration depot in urban area, then you have to apply after the notification on the respective website.

Whatever form you fill online on the website, it is checked by the officials, the form is inspected by the officers of the District Supply Department, after that the application is passed from the District Magistrate and Additional Magistrate, after that the development officer scrutinizes the application and Revenue Development Officer confirms.

After going through all these processes, the person who is selected is contacted and given information and by going to the department, he can take the license and after getting the license, he can easily open a shop anywhere.

To open a shop, there should be at least 4000 units of area, if you do not have this area, then take it on rent or buy it, because to open a ration depot in the urban area, this area is required.

In this article, we have seen how to open a government ration shop in 2022, how did you like this article today? norms have to be passed. Along with this, I have also explained about the process of opening ration depot in both city and village areas, hope you will like the information .

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