how to make pan card online from mobile

In today’s article, we will know how to make PAN card  online, if you also hold a bank account from mobile, then it is very important for you to make PAN because through this you can do big transactions in your account . Earlier, one had to go to the CSC center to make a PAN card, but in view of its demand, the government has made it online, with the help of which you can apply for PAN card online from your mobile or laptop .

PAN card is also called permanent account number, it is very important to have a PAN card with your bank account and in today’s time, PAN card also works as an ID, link your PAN card in all the bank accounts you have. It is important to have it is the biggest ID coming after Aadhar card in India.

Let us now see which documents are required to make a PAN card and then we will also see that how you can make a PAN card sitting at home from your mobile, I have given the whole process step by step in the next article, So watch the article till the end.

how to make pan card

First of all go to the e-filing portal of Income Tax Department and click on Quick Links on the left side in the Instant PAN through Aadhaar section, then on the new page click on Get New PAN, after that you have to verify your Aadhaar number and OTP. Your PAN card will be generated. Apart from which you can download in PDF, to download PAN, you have to submit Aadhaar number on Check Status or Download PAN .

The method mentioned above has been issued by the government recently, in this you have to get your Aadhaar card verified immediately and this verification happens when the mobile number is registered on your Aadhaar because OTP comes in this mobile which has to be verified. . Many people do not have a mobile link in their Aadhaar, in such a situation, they cannot get an instant PAN card, for such people the method given below will be useful .

Documents Required for Individual PAN Card

1. Can be any of the following documents for identity

  • Any ID issued by the government such as Voter ID Card Driving License or Aadhar Card.
  • No arms license.
  • It is mandatory for the pension card to contain the photograph of the applicant.
  • Any photo ID card which is issued by the central or state government.
  • Ex-servicemen’s health scheme card is also valid.
  • Any certificate attested by the bank which is issued by letter pad, it is mandatory to have the bank account number and photograph of the person on such certificate.

2. Any of the following documents will work for address proof

  • Broadband connection, electricity bill or landline bill.
  • Postpaid mobile phone bill.
  • Water bill will also work.
  • Address verification can also be done from LPG or CNG gas connection passbook.
  • Bank passbook.
  • Post office pass book.
  • Passport.
  • Voting ID Card.
  • DL means driving license.
  • Any land paper.
  • Certificate of residence issued by the Government of India.
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Personal certificate of an institution or company in which the address can be verified.

3. Any one of the following documents as birth certificate

  • Record of birth printed by Municipality or any mainstream official.
  • DMC of 10th and 12th.
  • Order for payment of pension.
  • Passport.
  • Marriage Certificate.
  • DL means driving license.
  • Domicile which is issued by the Government of India.
  • Affidavit made before the magistrate in which the date of birth of the applicant is written.

If you want to make a PAN card, then once you see how many types of PAN cards are made and which of them you want to make a PAN card, further I have explained the complete process about making a PAN card, which do not forget to see.

How many types of PAN cards are made?

To create different types of PAN cards, different documents are required and the process of making different PAN cards is also quite different. Let us see further that how many types of PAN cards you can make and what is their process and which form has to be filled.

1. PAN Card for an individual

If you want to make a PAN card for yourself, then it is a type of individual PAN card, you can make it very easily on the online website and I have explained the whole process further in the article, for this you have to make form 49 available on the website. Any Indian citizen can apply for this.

2. PAN Card for NRIs

If you are NRI and want to use Indian taxation system then you can easily apply for Indian PAN card for this you have to fill form 49a which you can easily fill online website and get your PAN card Can get it very quickly.

3. Foreign entity that collects tax in India

Any foreign entity can obtain an Indian PAN card, any foreign entity who wants to pay tax in India using the Indian taxation system or does any business in India, then he is entitled to a PAN card, for that he will have to fill Form 49aa.

4. PAN Card for NRE and OCI

NRE i.e. Overseas Citizen of India and OCE Non-Residency Entities are also entitled to PAN card and can apply for PAN card, they can fill Form 49aa to apply for PAN card.

5. PAN Card for any Indian company

Any company that collects tax in India, it has to make a PAN card, here the PAN card is not in the name of any person but in the name of the company because the company has a personal account in the bank and whatever documents are required. They all seem to belong to the company, in which the name of the director of the company is added together.

how to make pan card

If you want to make a PAN card, then you can easily apply for PAN card online, here I will tell you all the information step by step and I will explain the complete details that how you can apply your PAN card through the website in a short time. can. If you want, you can get a hard copy of PAN card ie physical PAN card at your home.

Some fees are applicable to you to make online PAN card, this fee may increase in future updates but at present it takes ₹ 106 to make online PAN card.

If you want to get a physical PAN card, then you will not have to pay any separate money for this, in whatever fee you will pay, you will get both the physical PAN card and the soft copy of the PAN card on the mail.

1. To generate PAN, first open the official website of NSDL

First of all, you have to open the official website of NSDL, for this you have to search NSDL PAN card on Google, as soon as you search it on Google, the first website will come in front of you which is an official website, you can see its url in the screenshot. Huh.

The website on which I have marked in the screenshot, you have to open the same website, keep in mind that if you open any wrong or fake website, then you may have problems later, so open the official website of NSDL.

2. Now Click on Apply Online

As soon as you come to the homepage of the website, here you will get two options of apply online and registered user, it will be by default apply online, so you have to keep it on this.

Below this, you have to select New PAN Card for Indian Citizen in the application type and select the category Indian.

Here you will get many more options like first you have to give the applicant information, here you will choose Mr or Mrs in the title and then last name first name and if middle name then middle name will also fill then date of birth mobile number and mail Fill the captcha by filling the ID.

After this, you have to tick the tick mark and click on the submit button so that your process will proceed.

3. Click on Continue with PAN

Now a new screen will open in front of you, here you will see a big button which is Continue with PAN application, you have to click on it.

4. Clear the next 5 steps

Now you have to clear 5 steps, the first step is of guidelines, if you want, you can read the guidelines, from this the next step is of personal details in which you will have to fill all the information about yourself and submit your documents etc.

The third step is of contact and other details, here you have to fill your contact and address details. In the next step, you will have to enter the AO code. And lastly you have to fill the document details. Let us cover all these in the next steps.

5. Select Yes if you want a physical PAN card

First of all, in personal information type, you will see a screen like the screenshot shown below, here first of all you have to select the application of your PAN card, it is selected on the default forward application document physically. In the middle, you will get whether you want a physical PAN card or not, select Yes or No here.

6. If you have any other name then write it in the box

After this, the top is being asked whether you are also known by any other name, here you have to fill no or yes, if you choose yes, then a box will open in front of you and here you will have to fill your second name.

After this, you have to fill the details of your parents, after filling, you have to select whose name you want on the PAN card, choose that of mother or father and click on the next button.

7. Now give your source of income

After next, the next step will come in front of you, here first of all you have to give the source of your income and below that is the address for communication, here you can choose one of the residence or office, when you choose the residence, then below you have the residential address in front of you. A box will open which is shown in the screenshot, here you have to fill your full address.

8. Enter your office address

Here you will also have to fill your office address, after filling the office address, you will be asked for contact details, after which you have to click on the Next button.

9. Enter the details of AO number

In the next step, you will have to fill the details of your AO number and give complete information about it as shown in the screenshot below. What happens then let me tell you that it means Assessing Officer Code.

This code is different from place to place, you can take information about this field from any knowledgeable near you who can give you good information about the AO code of your city.

10. Select Aadhar Card for Your Identity

Now the last step will come in front of you, here first of all you have to choose your proof of identity, proof of address and proof of date of birth, you can choose aadhar card in all three or if you do not have aadhar card then above I have You can choose any one of the documents that were told to you, when you click on them, you will get the list of all.

After this you will also have to do a self declaration in which you will first have to submit by filling your name and address and date.

11. Pay to generate PAN

As soon as you click on the submit button, you will have to process further for the payment, here first of all you can choose the method of your payment, in the middle of the screenshot you can see how much money you have received and in the last you will get a tick mark and You will get the option to proceed to payment, tick the tick mark and click on the process to payment button.

12. You can also use Paytm to make payment

After this you have to click on Pay Confirm button, when you click on Pay Confirm, it will take you to a different tab where there will be a payment gateway, where you have to deduct your money, here you will get the payment gateway of Paytm in which you You will be able to make payments from any application using UPI.

13. Enter your e-Signature

After completion of payment process it will redirect you to a new page where you have to e-sign, here you have to fill your aadhar card number and an OTP will be sent to registered mobile number with aadhar card number that OTP will fill.

As soon as you fill the OTP, your PAN card will start downloading and a copy of it will also be sent to your mail and after the application is completed, you will also be sent a physical PAN card which will come to your address in a few days. will go.

So now you must have known that how to make PAN card online, how did you like this article in this article, we have seen the complete process of making PAN card, here we have also discussed about all the documents required to make PAN card. And all the types of PAN card have also been explained in detail, if you like the information, then definitely share it with your personal friends. If you have any query regarding the steps given in the article, then you can ask by commenting.

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