How to get the land registered, know the document fee and process

How to get the land registered

In today’s special article, we will know How to get the land registered done, document fees and process, if you want to sell or buy land, then you must know about land registry, in this article we will know how to register land. When you sell land, then the registry has to be done in the name of others and when you buy the land, the registry will get it done in your own name, in this article we will cover the complete information, definitely read the article till the end, let’s start the article and see .

There is a question in the mind of many people whether it is easy to get the land registered or will they have to go round the courts to get the registry of the land and many people want to know that how much fee will have to be paid while getting the land registered.

Thousands of cases of fraud come in a year and most of them are cases of fraud with land, many times brokers also cheat us money, here I will also tell you what precautions you should take while selling or buying land Whenever you buy or sell land, what documents do you need, read the complete information carefully, otherwise you may also be cheated.

how to get land registered

To get the land registered, you have to follow some steps, here whether you are selling or buying land, you have to follow the same steps.

1. Get Jamabandi done for land registry first

First of all, whatever land you have to sell, get the measles and jamabandi removed, you can also remove it through online website or if you want, you can also go to the department and register the application, but the measles or jamabandi have to be removed first. Jamabandi is a land map on which the measles number is there, the measles also comes out separately. They also get to know in whose name the land is registered.

If you are not the owner of the land, or just doing farming or there is any such land which is unregistered which does not have any government records, you will not need any jamabandi or measles to sell it. You can sell that land in the same way as we sell any other item of ours, that is, give land and take money.

But selling or buying unregistered land can be fraud with you because if you keep on buying direct land which does not have any registry then it is possible that someone may come to that land and show its ownership or grab the land by showing its possession in the court. But many such cash are seen everyday in India.

There can also be a different case that if you are not buying or selling land and want to get your unregistered land registered, then what should you do, in such a situation, you can go to the court and show your possession of the land. The Indian Judicial Code says that if you have been in possession of the land for a long time, then it can be registered, here a lot of time means that you should have the land from the time of your grandfather’s great-grandfather.

Since then you are cultivating the land or occupied in some other way only then you can have land in your name, unregistered property which is government land cannot be in your name because it has already been in the name of Panchayat, it should be in your name. The process of naming is very long, which can only be explained to you by the sarpanch, here the chances of getting the land in your name are equal to zero.

But if you want to sell or buy land, first of all get Jamabandi Khasra of the land you want to sell. If you want to buy then it is the job of the seller to get the jamabandi and measles removed, leave it to him.

2. Get rid of the cost of the land

In the second step, you have to check the security of the property. Cafet means whether the property is not mortgaged in someone’s name, keep in mind that if the property is mortgaged then you cannot sell or buy it. By property being mortgage, we mean that if someone has taken a loan on that property, then that property becomes a liability and you do not sell the liability, you can only sell the asset, so that property is free from mortgage. And then property liability will become an asset and you can sell your asset anytime.

When you will get the Jamabandi of your property, then there you will get a separate Kaifiyat column, many times you do not get the Kaifiyat column and on the side of the Jamabandi only the loan information is given and the time of loan is also given and how much It is also clearly written that the loan has been taken. Therefore, if you are buying a property, then get the Jamabandi of the property from the front and check the security of the property by looking at the Jamabandi, you can also check the Kaifiyat online if there is no detail of any kind of security in the Jamabandi of the property. Check online if there is a case, then first that property will have to be freed from bondage.

In such cases, most of the banks are mortgaged, most of the people take loan against the property from the banks, if you do not pay the loan of the banks, then you cannot do the transaction of land, that is, that land cannot be registered in someone else’s name.

3. Get the owner and buyer photographed with the land

After this, both the owner of the property and the buyer of the property will have to take 3 photos with the property, these three photos should be with the property, that is, standing on any three directions of the property and photographing it. Keep in mind that the photo should be of large size and the ground should be visible behind the photo, this is for verification, the ground should be clearly visible in the photo and should be visible from three directions. That is, there should be three different photos. In all the three photos, both the land buyer and the owner of the land should be seen standing together.

4. Take necessary documents and go to your Patwari 

After this you have to go to the patwari and take the patwari report form. 

Along with this, the Patwari fills the rent, diversion, acreage, Kaifiyat, acreage, and measles number here. Keep in mind that it is very important to have a Patwari’s signature on the forum.

Many times the patwari does not give the form in the village, you get the form online and take the printout to the patwari, there the patwari will fill the form and sign it, you can demand the report form at any CSC center.

5. Now go to the Registrar

There are registrars of land in every tehsil, you have to take all these documents to the tehsil near you, and give them to the registrar. By going to the nearby tehsil, you can find out how many stamp papers are necessary there, the registrar will give you all this information.

6. Get your land registered with the registrar

In the last, the property is benami, when the registrar will check all your documents, then he will get the required stamp paper signed, etc., and get his fees paid. This fee also varies according to each state, mostly it is 0.01% of the transaction taking place and in many places it is also up to one or two percent, you can find out in your tehsil that here How much is the land transaction charge?

When you have paid all the charges, the registrar will ask the buyer if you are ready to buy the land and will ask the seller if you are ready to give your land in their name and the land amount will also be shown there. For example, if you are selling land for twenty lakh rupees, then the registrar will ask whether you would like to give land to them instead of twenty lakh rupees, when you say yes, then the land will be in the name of the person and if you are buying land then you said It will be known whether you want to get this land in exchange for so much money, when you say yes, then you will be given a benami paper.

Your work is done when you get the benami certificate, then after some time the land will be in your name, how much time it takes depends on the functioning of your tehsil. In most cases, after 1 to 2 months, you can get the Jamabandi report out of your name, keep in mind that the whole process in the court takes one to 2 months, in the meantime, if you get the Jamabandi of the land removed, then it will come out in the name of the previous owner. So there is no need to panic here, after a while the land will be in the name of the buyer.

Earlier, you had to go to court to do all this too, but now you can find out from Jamabandi or Khasra, in whose name the land is and you will get this Jamabandi and Khasra online on the website of Jamabandi. For this, you will have to search Jamabandi India on Google, the official website will come in front of you, there you can also remove its phadd from the name of the owner, keep in mind that this phad is called Jamabandi.

In this article, we learned that how to get the land registered, the document fees and the process, many people think that the land registry is done online but it is not that easy, to get the land registered, you have to go round the courts and You will have to sign on the stamp paper, yes you can get things like Jamabandi and Measles removed online .

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