How to get caste certificate online MP UP CG

In today’s article, you will know how to get caste certificate made online in MP UP  CG Rajasthan, irrespective of the state you belong to, it is very important to get caste certificate made because in today’s time there are many places where caste certificate is sought. goes. To identify the caste of any particular person, it is necessary to have a cast certificate. Comes.

There are people of different religion, community and caste living in our country, in which there are some castes who are rich in wealth, while some castes are still living below the poverty line level. Efforts are being made in which there is a cast certificate which has been mainly made keeping in view the condition of the poor people, with the help of cast certificate, reservation is given to the backward class people so that they can also emerge from their poverty.

If you also want to get your caste certificate made, then there are two main ways, first you can go to your tehsil and make a caste certificate from the concerned department or you can apply online for it, with the help of the method I will tell you, you can sit at home. With the help of mobile or computer, caste certificate can be made online, its process is very simple, I will discuss step by step in the whole article.

how to get caste certificate

What is the process you have to do to get caste certificate in Madhya Pradesh, let us see step by step. Apart from MP, if you live in UP, Rajasthan or CG, then there is almost the same process for this too, but the websites of all their states are different, here we are giving the example of Madhya Pradesh.

1. Search website in google to get caste certificate

First of all, you have to write MP Digital Cast Certificate on Google, as soon as you write on Google, then the first website official government website will come in front of you, which is MP E Distik, you have to come to this website, stay away from fake websites, take care. That you can see the URL of this website in the screenshot below, you have to come to this website.

2. Now Click on MP Public Service Guarantee

When you come to the website, you will get many options here, but first you have to click on the option MP Public Service Guarantee Portal.

3. Click on Apply for Online Service

After coming to this website, you will see many options where you can see apply for online service in the right side, you have to click on this option which I have highlighted in the screenshot below.

4. Now choose the option according to your cast

Now a long list of services will open in front of you, in which you can see many types of services, but you have to apply for caste certificate, so here you will see two forms as caste certificate, the first is Scheduled Castes for Scheduled Tribes. certificate and after that caste certificate for other backward class you choose one of these and look in front of them and apply click on the file icon which i have ticked.

5. Click on apply online to generate certificate for free

Now after this a new screen will open in front of you where you will get two options, first is of Public Service Center and second is of online, if you want to apply online then it is free, you do not have to pay a single rupee, so where I applied There you have to click on apply, this will not cost you a single penny and your caste certificate will also be ready.

6. Click on New Citizen Registration to create your account

Now if you have not logged in to the website, then you will be forwarded to the login tab, here you have to fill your mail id password, after that fill the captcha and click on the login button. If you have never created an account on this website before, then you have to click on the Register New Citizen button below where you have to fill your mobile number and take OTP and the account will become successful.

7. Select the caste category wise option

Now a new list will open in front of you again, here you choose any one option as shown in the redbox below, choose it according to your caste category.

8. Fill the form

Now a new form will open in front of you, in this form you will have to fill many options, you will have to fill this form completely, let us see how to fill this form.

1. Applicant Information

The first column in the form, you will get the information of the applicant, whoever is applying as the information of the applicant has to be filled, that is, the information of whose caste certificate is to be made has to be filled.

  • Here you have to first select the gender. 
  • The name of the applicant has to be written in Hindi.
  • And then write in English.
  • And after that you have to choose whether you come under the poverty line.
  • After selecting this you have to write your father’s name in both Hindi and English.
  • After that you have to give your mobile number, email address and WhatsApp number as well. 
  • After this you have to choose one of the Scheduled Castes or the Scheduled Tribes.
  • And you have to choose caste sub-caste also.
  • After that you can choose yes or no in Are you educated. 
  • And just below that you have to fill Aadhar number.
2. Present address of the applicant

In the next column, you have to choose the address of the applicant, here you have to give the necessary information like district, area, ward, tehsil, village and house number, after that you have to give patwari, light number, pin code and mohalla.

After filling this much information, you will see a toggle button below in which you will be asked whether the applicant’s family was residing in Madhya Pradesh since 1950, the date of issue of notification of castes by the President or not, here you have to choose yes or no and just after that You have to choose whether any of the family already has caste certificate or not. Already have certificate.

3. Composite ID and Photo

After this, you will have to fill the applicant’s overall ID, after filling the applicant’s overall security number, you will also have to fill the applicant’s photo, the maximum size of uploading the photo is 1MB, here you will get an option of choose file, by clicking on which you can access your mobile computer. You can select the file from the laptop and upload your photo, keep in mind that your photo here should be of passport size.

Here you are given some tip, here you will be told that for the certificate of caste residence, one of the sarpanch, district councilor, municipal body MLA or MP has to give a certificate and along with it any one member of your family. Caste certificate, education related certificate or record of any government semi government service, ration card or record of immovable property is also to be given, if available, these records are to be given, it can prove to be helpful in getting your caste certificate.

Here you have to keep in mind that whatever certificate you are giving for caste certificate proves your caste correct if you get caste certificate made with the help of any edited document or fake document and later it will be confirmed. But if it comes to know that your document was fake, on the basis of which you had made the caste certificate, then your caste certificate will also be considered as fake and all the facilities taken on its support can be withdrawn and it is a punishable offence.

All the tick marks given here have to be enabled and it has to be fully certified that the information given by you is hundred percent correct and you are not doing any kind of fraud, the certificates you have given. It is also 100% correct and you have to declare that if any error is found in these later, then you will be responsible for it.

4. Required Documents

After this you will have to fill the necessary documents, you can also dag and drop them and attach the file as necessary documents, first of all you will have to give a certificate for confirmation of caste, for this you can use any of your blood. You can give a photocopy of the relative’s immovable property record or any registry in which it is necessary to mention the caste or you can also give the caste certificate of any member of your family, it will be best.

After this, you will have to give a certificate in which it is proved that you lived in Madhya Pradesh before 1950, even here you can give any record of land or identity card of any of your family, etc., in which mention of caste is very important. Is.

Friends, after this you will also have to give information about your studies, where you will get a separate column of educational qualification, in this column you can upload photo copies of your certificates, here you can upload whatever photocopies you are uploading without Can also be uploaded as a scanned copy.

After this, you have to upload the attached declaration form regarding caste and residence, it is also necessary and its maximum size is 1MB only.

When you will change the complete information in the form, then you have to click on submit button. After the process you will also be able to download your certificate.

Friends, when you appeal online, it takes 1 month, but if you do all this process offline, then it can be done in less time but online will be more convenient for you.

So now you must have known how to get caste certificate made online in MP UP  CG Rajasthan, hope you liked this article today and understood the information given in this article correctly, if you understand anything. If you have not come, then you can ask us by commenting, we will try to answer your question by replying immediately, if you are facing any problem related to the form, then you can ask by commenting.

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