What is Backlink – How to Create High Quality Backlink 2022

How to Create High Quality Backlink

How to Create High Quality Backlink: If you are the owner of a blog / website or want to create a website / blog, then you must have some knowledge about backlinks. Backlinks play an important role in ranking a website. Today it is very difficult to rank a website without backlinks.

If you do not understand backlink properly, then today in this article we will tell you in detail about Backlink Kya Hai Aur Backlink Kaise BanayeIf you understand the backlink properly, then you will not face any kind of problem in running your blog.

We will try to share all the information related to what is backlink and how to create backlink in this article. Here we will tell about the techniques used by us. With this technique, we have made good backlinks and now many of our websites have been ranked with the help of this. We are going to tell you the same techniques here. With this you will understand what is backlink and the complete process of creating backlink.

How to Create High Quality Backlink

what are backlinks

Backlink is a link juice that makes a way from any other website to your website. In simple words, when a website owner adds a link to your web page in his web page, then this is what we call backlink.

Type Of Backlinks in English

There are 2 types of backlinks in the language of the Internet, first Dofollow backlinks and second Nofollow backlinks. Both backlinks have an important role in SEO, but in this the benefit of one is very high and the benefit of the other is less in SEO. But both are necessary in backlinks.

What are Dofollow Backlinks

To redirect the user from another website to our website, the owner of the other website will pass the link juice . With the help of this, when a user comes to another website to read something, then an article or homepage of your website would have been recommended there. Now that user will click on it and will come to your website. The link created for the user to come to your website from another website is called Dofollow backlink  .

No Attribute is used in Dofollow Backlink , its code is like this.

“<a href=”yourwebsite.com”>Link Text</a>”

Dofollow backlink helps a lot in getting our website a good rank in the search engine. Dofollow backlink is very important for SEO. If the Do Follow backlink of a website is not created, then Google very rarely recommends that website.

Where to use Dofollow backlinks 

As we have mentioned above, Dofollow backlink is very important for SEO of our website. Therefore it is also used in special places.

  • On High Authority Website/Blog – You can create Dofollow link in Comment. This will help a lot in getting your website ranked.
  • You can create Dofollow backlinks in it by writing Guest Post on Related Website . With this, Google will give your website a good rank very quickly.
  • You can also create Do Follow Link on Related Post .

Advantages of Dofollow Backlinks

  • Improvements in the Page Rank of the website on Google.
  • Increases the quality and authority of the blog / website.
  • Increases Original Traffic on the website.

What is nofollow backlink

Nofollow backlink does not pass any kind of link juice, it is not needed at all in SEO . But it is very important to build the image of your website. If you want to make your profile/blog/website good then it can be used. If your link is linked to any other spam website, then you can use the Nofollow Attribute in the link of that website. So that there will be no wrong effect on your website.

Nofollow backlinks are like this:- <a href=”yourwebsite.com” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>

Nofollow backlinks are all the links that we create on social media i.e. FacebookAll these links are kept in the category of Nofollow backlinks . This brings traffic to our website but Google does not give priority to it in any way.

Where to use Nofollow Backlinks

As you know Nofollow backlinks help you to increase traffic, they have nothing to do with Google Index. Therefore, you can use them to bring visitors to your website in these special places. By the way, in some places, Nofollow backlinks also help in protecting your website from Google Spam. You can use Nofollow backlinks here.

  • Comment: You can use Nofollow Link on any Hight Traffic website in its comment. This will increase the traffic of your website.
  • Social Media: You can use Nofollow backlink on social media, even if you spam too much, Google will not blacklist you in any way.
  • Affiliate Program: You can also use Nofollow backlink as an affiliate. It doesn’t matter where and for what your website link is being used. With this Google will never track your website.
  • Unrelated Websites: Even if some websites are not related to your site, you can increase the traffic of your website by creating Nofollow backlinks on those websites.
  • Bad Website: A website where some kind of wrong content is updated, you can create Nofollow Link to take traffic from such website.

Advantages of Nofollow Backlinks

  • Your website will not be spam on Google.
  • Traffic will come a lot on your website.
  • You can promote your website on any website.
  • Nofollow backlink also protects you from Google’s bots system which checks how much Spam Score your website has. If you use Nofollow backlink then Spam score will be less.

Backlinks Terms in English

You have learned what backlinks are, but now you need to know that you have to follow Google’s terms to make this backlink . If you do not follow these terms properly, then you will not be able to create backlink properly, then these are some terms which will help you to create backlink .

  • Link Juice: I mentioned this above in Dofollow backlinks, this is a Google bot that identifies the backlink and indexes it in Google. It only catches Dofollow backlinks. You can call Dofollow Links as Link Juice.
  • High Quality Websites:   If you are going to create backlinks, then always keep in mind that the website on which you are creating Dofollow / Nofollow backlinks, that website should be of high quality. So that your website can rank well.
  • Low Quality Websites: Never create Dofollow backlinks on websites that you keep in the Low Quality Category. You create a Nofollow backlink here so that your website’s Spam Score is low and traffic will also come to the website.
  • Internal Links: Always use Internal Links whenever you write content on your website. This will keep your website’s Bounce Rate Managed and the user will remain on your website for a long time and will be able to read different content.

how to make backlink

If you have not yet understood how to create a backlink, then reading these points carefully will clear all your doubts. In this you will be able to understand what are backlinks and how to create backlinks .

1. Create Backlink by Commenting

The easiest way to create a backlink is to go to any content of the website related to your website, it will have the option of comment. Here you can write something good about that comment which is liked by the website owner. You can also put a link to your website with the comment. In this way you  can create Nofollow backlink .

2. Create Backlink Through Guest Post

You can create a strong backlink on your website by guest posting on the respective website  . Today many popular websites accept Guest Post, so you can use it to create a backlink for your website.

3. Build backlinks by paying

You  can also create a Paid Backlink , you have to make a list of good DA, PA websites and go to the About Us page of those websites and email the details of the owner and tell how much money you can give for a backlink. If the owner will like it then you can backlink on their website  .

4. Create Profile Backlinks

There are many such websites on the Internet where you can create a profile of your blog / website. Backlinks on these profile websites are made of  very strong and good quality .

5. Create Backlink From Online Director

There are many such websites online which are kept in the list of Online Directory , you can create good backlinks by submitting your website to such website. Backlinks made from such websites are very good. With the help of these websites are ranked very fast .

6. Create Backlinks From Social Media

With the help of social media, you can also create Nofollow backlinks of your website, these backlinks will not rank in Google but will definitely bring good traffic to your website. If you are thinking about Earning then social media backlinks are very good.

7. Create Backlinks from Quora

If you want to get instant traffic with the help of backlink on your website, then you can also create backlink  on your website by answering on Quora  . These are very good and good quality backlinks which help in getting your website ranked for a long time.

8. Build Backlinks Organically

Make the content of your website such that people share more and more, so that the backlinks of your website  become more. If you write quality content on your website, then your website’s backlinks  will also start forming very soon.

9. Create Backlinks With PDF

If you want, you can also create a backlink of your website on the Document Sharing Website . In this you have to create a PDF document of your comment . After creating a PDF document, upload it on the document sharing website and leave the link of your website there.

10. Build Backlinks by Internal Linking

To create a backlink, you can do internal linking on your website, whenever you write a new article, include a link to the previously written article related to that article. This will make internal   links backlinks  .

Benefits of creating backlinks

There are many benefits of creating a backlink, whether you create a Dofollow backlink or a Nofollow backlink, you will have many benefits. Some of the benefits of backlinks are as follows.

  • Site rank will increase in Google Search Engine.
  • Referral Traffic Boost.
  • Your website’s image will be created, people will start knowing your website. 
  • Website Engagements will grow very fast.
  • Without promotion the website will reach more people.


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