How much is 1 Million? How much is 1 million in Indian Rupee?

1 Million kitna hota hai :- The most important number in maths is 0. In common language we understand 0 to mean nothing. If we put 0 before 1 then it means only one and if we put it after 1 then its whole meaning changes. 

How much is 1 Million?

There are some such words in English which tell the importance of this 0 of mathematics . In English Killion, Million , Billion, Trillion etc. Do you know the meaning of all this? If not, then through this article you are being told only about  1 Million kitna hota hai .

In this article, you will be given complete information related to this so that you can get complete information regarding this topic. Let us know in the context of this topic, how much is 1 million ? 

How much is 1 Million

1 Millionkitna hota haiin rupees 

To understand this in general, you have to understand some examples. Must have seen on your social media account, a youtuber Amit Badhna has more than 23M followers on youtube. If we convert this to Indian number, then it is about 2 crore 30 lakhs. 

In general, 1M means 10 lakhs. You must have also heard that that person became a Millinor, it means that he became a millionaire and he has more than 10 lakhs of assets. 

Some general information about 1M. 

1M = 10 Lakh

10M = 1 crore

100M = 10 Crore 

These are some general information that you should understand. Although this is a matter of common sense. However, it consists of English and Mathematics subjects. 

Indian Mathematical Language Numbers

If we look at the Indian mathematical language, then it is something like this – 

in wordsenglish numeralsin numbers
ten thousandThousand10000
lakhTen Thousand100000
One millionHundred Thousand1000000
Ten millionOne Million10000000
one hundred millionTen Million100000000
ArabOne Hundred Million1000000000
ten billionOne Billion10000000000
trillionTen Billion100000000000
10 BillionHundred Billion1000000000000
blueOne Trillion10000000000000
ten nilTen Trillion100000000000000
PadamHundred Trillion1000000000000000
ten padamOne Quadrillion10000000000000000
ShellTen Quadrillion100000000000000000
ten conch shellHundred Quadrillion1000000000000000000
great conchQuintillion10000000000000000000

From 1K to 10 Trillion in Indian Rupees

What are the complete maths from one thousand i.e. 1K to 10 Trillion, they are as follows. If we convert English words into Indian words and currency, then it is something like this. 

K,Million,Billion,TrillionIndian rupees
1 KRs 1,000
10 KRs 10,000
100 KRs 1 lakh
1 M10 lakh rupees
10 M100 lakh rupees
100 M10 crore rupees
1 BRs 100 crore
10 B1000 crore rupees
100 BRs 10,000 crore
1 T1000 billion rupees
10 T1 million billion rupees

1 Million Dollar in rupees 

Friends, if we talk about the same figures, then you must have heard about this thing that people earn up to 1M Dollar a year from youtube and blogger. Do you know what it means, after all, if $1M is converted into Indian currency, then how much is it. You will hardly have any idea that this is such a huge amount that you cannot guess at all about it. 

Before converting $1M to Indian currency, we should know that what is the rate of $ at present? That is, if you mix how many Indian rupees, then 1 dollar is made. At present, the price of 1 dollar is more than Rs 74, but by giving it a base price of Rs 74, we see how much it is in Indian rupees. Let us know with some examples. 

$1 = 74 Indian Rupee 

1M = Rs 10 lakh 

$1M = It is in Indian currency. 7,40,000,00 (Seven crore forty lakh rupees) 

Although the price of this dollar keeps going up and down, nothing can be said about it, how much is the Indian amount of $1M, but you can understand it in easy language. 

1 Million is equal to how many Billion? 

We often see on social media platforms that there are 1 million followers on any major level of social media. The same if we convert these 1 Million into Billion, then its results come as something mentioned next. 1000 million is equal to 1 billion. If 1 million is changed to billion, then 1 million is .10 billion. 

1 Million = 1000 Billion is the same. 

10 Million = 10,000 Billion is the same.

If we convert 1 Million into Indian currency, then the answer comes around 10 lakhs, whereas if we convert 1 Billion into Indian currency, then the answer comes around 100 crores. 

1M Dollar equal to 

If you compare this word made from maths and English words, then it is almost equal to the Indian number 10 lakhs. If we convert 1M to Dollars, we see slightly different results than usual. 

We can see this thing in the following example, in which you have been told to convert 1M into dollars. 

1$ = 74 Rupees ( Seventy Four Rupees ) 

1M = 10,00,000 ( Ten Lakh Rupees ) 

If we convert 1M to Dollar, then its result is something like this. It is 13471.91 in US dollars, although these figures fluctuate. 

1 million in lakhs 

1M which is a big word which we consider very big. If we talk about it in lakhs, then tell you about it that it is equal to about 10 lakhs. 1M i.e. 10 lakhs This is quite common information. 1M is equal to 10,00,000 in common words. 

1 million equal

1 million can be understood in many different examples. 1 million is equal to kiss, you can know about them below. 

1M = 10,00,000 in Indian currency

1M = 2130194.50 Pakistani Currency

1M = 1143741.78 Bangladeshi Currency 

These are some common examples from which you can easily understand the meaning of 1M. If you see the same thing through social media, then you can understand it by example from these postures. 

The world’s great footballer cristiano ronaldo has 302M followers on his social media account Instagram, if you convert it into the number of maths, then it is equal to about 302,000,000.

Talking about Virat Kohli ‘s Instagram followers, there are about 129M followers on his Instagram, which are around 129000000 in mathematics figures.

Conclusion: –

In this article you have been told about 1 million kitna hota hai . Hope you liked this article. 


  1. Q: How much is there in 1 million?
  2. Ans:- The number of mathematics in 1 million is around 10 lakhs.
  3. Q: How much is 1M in Indian currency?
  4. Ans :- In Indian currency also this one item is equal to 10 lakhs.
  5. Q: How many lakhs are in 1 million?A
  6. NS:- 1 million is equal to 10 lakhs.
  7. Q: How many crores are there in 10 million?
  8. ANS:- One crore is.
  9. Q: How many zeros are there in a million?
  10. ANS:- There are 6 zeros in 1 million.
  11. Q: How many million are in 10 lakh?
  12. ANS:- There is one million in 10 lakhs.

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