Honor 50 Review and Speacition

Honor 50 about a year back – huawei sold the honor brand off to Shenzhen ZieXin New Information Technology limited – Sorry if i murdered that. this means honor phones now come with google play services

Honor 50

and also have access to qualcomm’s chipsets and a lot more hardware then they’ve had in a
long time – one of the first competitive launches from Honor, from the new Honor has been

the Honor 50 – now I’ve been using this phone as my primary for over a week and today, in this Post let’s see how honor’s comeback phone’s performed – hey guys ash here from c4etech and lets get started!

The first thing I noticed when I started using the Honor 50 is that it felt very huawei… the
in hand feel – the waterfall display, the 3d curves to the back – again, it felt very very
huawei and that’s not a bad thing at all, I liked huawei designs a lot… here – the frame’s
plastic but we do get a glass back… honor sells 5 color variants and this is the emerald green..
There’s also frost crystal, amber red, midnight black and a very unique honor code – the back’s

pretty glossy and does pick up fingerprints very easily, it also happens to look nice,
especially this camera hump and the way the glass here reflects light- i feel its pretty cool…
Since I didn’t do a dedicated unboxing video for this, here’s what you need to know…
honor includes a 66w charger in the box – which is supposed to get the phone fully charged in
under an hour… 0-60 in 30 mins… there’s also a pair of earphones included – of the type c
variety – which is nice since there’s no headphone jack… btw… a soft case is also included which

is something I always appreciate. The honor 50 sports a 4300mah battery,
that means honor’s got the weight quite manageable at 175 grams.. This is amongst
the lightest phones out there… The 6.57 inch display with the curves is reasonably
narrow and makes it easy on the hands… I love the colors on this panel, its bright,
its amoled so infinite contrast and the refresh rate is a super smooth 120hz alongside 300hz
touch sampling… the fingerprint scanner is present under the display and is as fast and responsive as

you’d expect it to be – that said, there are a couple of things I disliked.. For starters
there’s no mention of protection, there’s no mention of gorilla glass here,
secondly the holepunch it feels a little too large, it feels last gen. number 3,
there’s only a single speaker to the bottom and ofcourse no headphone jack – and finally this
tray here can only take 2 sim cards – no micro sd, not even nano memory for that matter…
despite these caveats the honor 50 feels nice to use – the user experience is quite good…
the phone ran pretty cool, under the hood we have a snapdragon 778g running the show – this

is amongst the better mid range processors out there… I’ve spent time with the 778g on multiple

phones like

the realme gt master edition – btw.. .do you guys wanna see a review of that one? Or
do you feel it’s too late to do a review? I did test it, just never got around to reviewing
it – so if you guys wanna see a review, lemme know in the comments and i will get that done.
Now just like on those other phones the 778g holds its own here… while you aren’t gonna max

out settings on all games – it does a fairly decent job of even pushing the higher refresh…
and manages to stay cool doing it… if I had to mention a con here,
it’s more about the battery life than the performance – it’s not bad or anything but
4300 mah means you are gonna have to be a little conservative with your usage… I still did manage

to get a full

day outta the honor 50 each day that I tested it and I love the fact that the phone is
so light but if your use case is a little heavier, this might be an issue for you.
Moving on, the software – here is where I had mixed feelings… technically it’s magic ui 4.2
built on top of android 11 and magic ui has typically been a slightly tweaked version
of emui – but now that huawei does not hold the reins anymore… some popular first part apps like

app twin are missing here… and I feel the default scaling is absolutely horrible- it felt so odd,
not unfixable tho – cuz I tweaked the dpi settings a little from developer options and it was all
fine after that… but it’s worth noting, largely cuz with the separation from huawei and hence
emui – the software here feels more stockish, yes but also a little less polished… I mean
swipe on screen to pull down notification bar – which is almost a given on all interfaces these
days – doesn’t work here. it’s just tiny little things like that,

that make it feel unfinished, none of them are game changers – for the most part the user experience was top notch… Given the state of the software, I was quite curious as to what honor had done with the

cameras – huawei’s typically had excellent processing and I was curious to see if honor
has been able to carry that forward and for the most part I was pretty happy with what they’ve

done… The primary is a 108mp sensor paired with an f1.9 lens… as you can see under good light,

the images were pretty crisp and the colors were on point – so was the dynamic range… under low

light the results still felt quite clean, not flagship good but definitely good
The secondary camera is a 8mp ultrawide that produces crisp and color accurate images…
the 3rd and 4th are depth and macro thrown in there just to make up the numbers…
With video, which has typically been a pain point for Huawei,

I was pleasantly surprised, “pleasantly surprised” to see the performance here…
video tops out at 4k30 but we do get Electronic stabilization at that resolution and frame rate
combo – I was really happy with the results… The selfie camera is a 32mp f2.2 which did get the

job done… and hey thats more of a merch, i will leave a link to REDWOLF who we have parterned

with for a merch in the description below to go ahead buy a t-shirt or something to support us.

Now honor is pitching this as a phone for vloggers cuz it has that dual camera video feature but to

be honest – the selfie cam’s decent, the rear video’s good but the whole meant for
vloggers schtick, it feels gimmicky.. Anyway with that we get to the pricing..
The honor 50 is priced at about $470 – while phones like the realme GT undercut it with
more powerful internals and other like the mi 11t or even the oneplus nord 2 for that matter
offer better internals at a cheaper cost… this kinda leaves the Honor 50 in a weird place…

As a comeback phone of sorts, it doesn’t do enough to call attention to itself with the
featureset – and it isn’t priced aggressively enough to call attention to itself with
value – so basically what we are left with is a good phone that’s not really gonna be
considered or even noticed by a lotta people – but to me personally I feel honor’s done
enough that I’m interested to see, i mean, this price, this feature set, I might not

buy it but I’m most definitely interested to see what they do next – the honor 60 series
is expected to be announced on the 1st of dec – and fingers crossed they have a stronger
product lineup – cuz as end consumers – competition is always great for us…
So there you go – my 2 cents on the honor 50, do you agree with my thoughts he

re – what do you
think? leave a comment down below to let me know – and with that we get to the end of this review,

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