Best Headphone Under 3000 | Best Gaming Headphone 2022

Headphone Under 3000: So this is OneOdio Fusion A71 headphone And we will do its unboxing and review will know about its features and specifications And what’s special in it and it is an amazing headphone for gamers and live streamers My name is Rakib Khan

Headphone Under 3000

The box is something like this where you get ‘Oneodio’ branding and the model is Fusion A71 And here it is written that ‘Register free for 24 months extended warranty It means you get 2 years of extended warranty Let’s see what’s inside the box wow, it has a black color bag

Headphone Under 3000

and one manual Nothing more in the box Everything is in the bag Looking nice Red color wire
and black bag This is the audio cable You get 2 audio cables here 6.35MM this side And this side you get a 3.5MM cable You get 2nd cable also It is of 3.5MM

And you get a mic also And this is the button I’ll tell you why it comes with 2 audio cable
And there is the headphone Awesome I haven’t thought It could be so large Left or right
so the first thing is that its air pads are very big and heavy Your eye will get covered
It is over-ear

First of all, here Oneodio branding is given Very premium quality And it is 90 degrees rotatable You can rotate it like this And can rotate this way also Very adjustable Here you can adjust it Well, everyone heads are same so you can adjust it accordingly As per your comfort
And talking about the design

So I found the design very awesome overall On the upper side, black Rexine is given And red rexine below It is so soft And on this side Cuisines are very soft It is sure If you use it your ear won’t pain

and here you get a 6.35MM audio jack And on this side, you get a 3.5MM audio jack why there are 2 jacks It means the data cable you get It is long And it is 9.8 feet You can use it in your system during live streaming and gaming

Or even during singing, you can use it Talking about the 3.5MM audio jack It is audio sharable
You can share it Whatever you’re listening Music or streaming You can share it with another partner

Here you can plug a 3.5MM audio jack And you can put it in your partner’s headphone and you can do call during live streaming as well You can receive calls during live streaming
You get a mic also And its length… are 3-4 feet

Let’s talk about its other specifications And about sound quality First, it is not a wireless headphone It is wire connected headphone and you get sound isolation as a noise controller in this And talk about sound base You get a 40MM driver

and you get a powerful bass and stereo high fidelity sound You get 2402 MHz -2480 MHz transmission frequency And you get 20HZ – 20KHZ of frequency response So these were its specifications

It looks like a very powerful headphone But let’s test its sound quality Let’s test Have to adjust it according to my head Very easy and foldable okay done very comfortable
I forgot to put audio cable Awesome wow guys

Guys, full isolation It feels like sound all around And the sound quality is just awesome
The bass won’t hurt your ear

Can you listen?

Talking about its price And where you can buy it from? So its price is 2599 Rs and you can buy it from Amazon Personally, this headphone is amazing and fantastic for gamers and streamers in this price range.

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