Hang Whatsapp Tricks How to Crash WhatsApp

Hang Whatsapp Tricks: Today we are going to tell you about how to do WhatsApp Crash, if you want to hang WhatsApp of your friend or any user, then this post can prove to be helpful for you. Before this, let us tell you that this app has become the most used messenger app in the world, in such a situation new new tricks related to it keep coming out. The trick that we are going to tell about today is slowly becoming quite popular. Through this trick, you can hang WhatsApp of your friend or any person. For this, you have to send only one message from the WhatsApp Hanging software, when this message reaches the person in front, then his app hangs. Although the smartphone of the person in front works full time but this app stops working. In such a situation, the front has to force stop or uninstall its app.

Hang Whatsapp Tricks

There are many people who want to do WhatsApp Hang of their friend or any person for some reason or fun. If you also want to do this, then you have to do it just for fun, do not misuse it, if you use this trick wrong then you can get into some trouble. So use this trick only with your friends.

For this trick, you need WhatsApp Hanging software Bomber, you will not find this app in Playstore because it does not follow Google’s guidelines. In such a situation, you can download this app by searching on Google. This is an app that generates text messages, if you send the message generated by it to someone in WhatsApp, then its app crashes.

1. After downloading this app, install it, if after installing it the message of Setting Blocked is showing, you have to allow it first, for this you have to go to the setting and there you will see the option of Unknown Source by right clicking on it. Give. This will install this app on your smartphone.

2. After installing this app, when you open this app, its homepage will appear like the image given above.

3. To generate a message from this app, you have to write a message below the text at the top. Below this you have to write Amount, that means how much amount you want to send this message.

4. After this, if you click on Send, then you will reach your WhatsApp directly. Here you can send the message generated by this app to any friend. This was the normal method which will not work in some mobiles, meaning your friend’s WhatsApp will not crash.

5. If you want to hang your friend’s WhatsApp, then you have to go to its Advance option. Here you can take the message already given in it like 1234, abcd etc. Or you can write a message yourself.

6. After taking the message, you have to type at least 50000 in the amount, below this you will get three options, the first will be generated in which you can generate the message.

7. The second will be the send from which you can send the direct message, the third will be of the copy. With this option, you can copy the message and paste it in the chat inbox of WhatsApp and send it.

8. Generate and send option is available below all this, so that you can send the message immediately after generating it. By clicking on it, the message will start being generated, it may take a few seconds, so when the message starts being generated, you have to keep the screen of your mobile on.

9. Once the message is generated, you have to copy it and open WhatsApp, here you can paste the message in the chat inbox of the person whose WhatsApp you want to hang, now whenever the person opens your message, his WhatsApp crash Will be done.

How To Recover Whatsapp Crash

If you can hang someone’s WhatsApp, then someone can hang you too, if your app crashes, then how do you recover? For this you have to follow the steps given below.

1. First of all go to Settings.

2. Now you have to click on Apps, here you will see all the apps installed in your mobile.

3. You have to click on WhatsApp here. After that click on Force Stop. This will recover your app to a great extent.

4. After this, you have to open WhatsApp again, delete the chat from whichever message or chat your WhatsApp Crash or Hang happened. This will bring your app back to the normal state.

So now you must have known how to do WhatsApp Crash of any friend or person, here we have told you a very easy way, hope you have understood everything. This is a very good trick to make fun of your friend, many people are using this trick, although you do not have to misuse it. The method of this Whatsapp Hanging software is very simple, to do this you have to generate a message with the help of Bomber app, this message contains thousands of words, when you send this message to someone, its Whatsapp crashes. .

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