Grade Pay Kya Hota Hai know in detail here

Grade Pay Kya Hota Hai To increase your salary in any government job, grade pay is very important, because of this, knowing what is grade pay is necessary for every person who wants to do government job in future. 

In government jobs, full money is not given at once. There are grade pay, basic salary and other types of allowances, which are used to make up the entire salary. If you are preparing for any government job then it is essential that you get complete information about what is grade pay so that you can make accurate estimates and calculations about the salary you will get. 

You must have often heard that 4200 grade pay or 6400 grade pay jobs have been restored or recruited, what do all these words mean, in this article we will discuss about them only. 

 What is Grade Pay? – Grade Pay Kya Hota Hai

When a person works in a government job, he is given basic pay according to his work, as well as grade pay for the position he is working in. That is to say, grade pay is a special kind of amount which is given by the government because you are in a position and looking after the less of the employee below you. 

Grade Pay Kya Hota Hai

You should also know that Grade Pay was valid till 2016 After 2016 7th Pay Commission came under which Grade Pay was suspended and Pay Matrix has been introduced in its place. But even today, in many states, payment is being given according to the grade pay. 

As you came to know that the grade pay is according to the rank, then you will know that there are four types of posts in government jobs – Group D, Group C, Group B and Group A. 

When you do any government job, whether it is in a bank, a government hospital or a government school, you are part of any one of these four groups. And according to your group, you are given a special type of amount which we call grade pay. 

How to get salary from grade pay

As you must have understood by now that grade pay is required to make up the salary. If we explain to you in simple language, then suppose a person works in the rank of a constable in a police force. His working salary is ₹ 6000 but when you ask him the salary of the month, he will not say ₹ 6000 because it is a basic salary, after basic salary, grade pay is available and on the basis of that other allowances like DA and HRA are available. 

When we make salary from grade pay, first of all the basic salary of the person, then according to the position he is in, his grade pay and grade pay is 160% DA and 20% HRA, finally adding all this. 1 month salary is made. 

If you are thinking that you will find out the salary of any government employee, then before that you should know that what are the types of grade pay or what grade the employee gets in which group. 

What is the grade pay of which group?

Everyday news comes that recruitment has come out in various types of government jobs. Sometimes you must have seen the recruitment of Group D and sometimes how much is the salary of all these groups of Group B. 

Like recently the SSC CGL form was out. If you fill this form then you will become a government employee of Group B, no matter in which department it is. But how much your salary will be depends on the grade pay of Group B. 

He wants to know the grade pay according to the number or should we say that the amount of grade pay received gives him the type of information. 

  • Group D is given a salary of 1800 grade pay. 
  • Group C is given a salary of 2000 grade pay. 
  • Group B is given a salary of 4200 grade pay. 
  • Group A is given a salary of 5400 grade pay. 

According to the information given above, when a person passes in the recruitment of Group D and he gets a job on any post of Group D, then he gets ₹ 1800 grade pay by the government, in the same way if he is in Group B. If selected in the job, then he is given ₹ 4200 in the name of grade pay. 

What is the salary in government job after adding grade pay

After reading all the above mentioned information, if you are preparing for any government job, then the question must be arising in your mind that how much salary will you get. The process of how much salary will be given to you in which government job is given below. 

Before explaining the complete account, we want to tell you that after 2016 the grade pay has been discontinued, that is, if any person gets a government job after 2016, grade pay will not be added to his salary instead. But pay matrix has been brought, both are the same thing, but we will tell about it in another article. 

At this time we will discuss about how you get government job salary on the basis of 6th pay commission. 

Before knowing the salary of any person, it is necessary to know the basic salary of that person and its position or group. 

  • The basic salary of Group D is ₹4000. 
  • The basic salary of Group C ranges between ₹4000 to ₹9000. 
  • The basic salary of Group B ranges between ₹9000 to ₹13500. 
  • The basic salary of Group A can be any above 13500. 

Now you have come to know that how much salary is basic and grade pay in different groups in government jobs. Now you are going to learn how to calculate salary below. 

Understand how to get salary from grade pay with an example

For example- 

Suppose a person is appointed as a constable in an organization under the central government, then as you would know that a soldier is called a Group C job. 

Now the basic salary of Group C is ₹4000 to ₹9000. But here we know that the basic salary of a soldier is ₹6000, which increases with time. You were also told above that the grade pay salary of Group C is ₹ 2000. 

Now that person’s basic salary is ₹ 6000 and grade pay ₹ 2000 together is ₹ 8000, we call it gross salary. 

DA = gross salary का 160% = ₹12800

HRA = 20% of gross salary = ₹ 1600

Now adding the total salary comes to ₹ 22400, which we call Net Salary i.e. if you do any Group C job, then after recruitment your salary will start from ₹ 22400. 

Second example – 

Now as we mentioned above about a Group B job to you. Whose name was that the form of SSC CGL has just come out recently, so suppose that if you apply for this job and get appointed then you will be placed on some post of Group B. 

If we want to get the salary of any Group B category job then let’s say – Sub Inspector. You get job in different departments from SSC CGL but in all departments you will get only Group B category job Sub Inspector is a Group B category job that’s why we are taking this example. 

As you have been told, the basic salary of the group job category is between 9000 to 13500. We know that the basic salary of a new sub inspector is ₹ 10000. 

As we told you, the jobs falling in the category of Group B are available in the name of ₹ 4200 grade pay. 

Due to this, the gross salary of a person working in the category of Group B goes to ₹ 14200. 

DA = 160% of gross salary = ₹ 22720

HRA = 20% of gross salary = ₹2840

With this, the total net salary of Group B employee becomes = ₹ 39760

That is, if you do a job in any department in the group too, then your starting salary will start from ₹ 40000 per month. Which keeps on increasing with time. 

grade pay benefits

Grade pay is given to a government employee to show that he is holding a high position. In very simple language, you understand that when a person gets a high-class job after studying and writing, then the government gives him grade pay in the name of his hard work. There are some advantages for why it was kept, you are told below. 

  • Knowing the grade pay, we can know what that employee is doing. 
  • Grade pay was introduced to show that the employees working in the same category in every department are the same. 
  • According to the rising inflation, the grade pay was made so that they could get the exact salary. 

What is grade pay? Some frequently asked questions and answers related to 

Here we have answered the most frequently asked questions about Grade Pay. 

Q. What is meant by grade pay?

From the grade pay, in which category the person is doing government job, it is known.

Q. Why grade pay is given to the employee?

While working in the development position, the grade pay is given because of taking care of the people working below them and getting them to work well.

Q. How much is the grade pay available in India at present?

Let us tell you that the practice of grade pay has been stopped in India, despite that grade pay is going on in some states, but in the jobs under the central government, the grade pay has been completely removed and the Seventh Pay Commission has been brought. Is.

Q. Which commission is part of grade pay?

Grade Pay is part of the 6th Pay Commission of the Central Government.

Q. How much is the grade pay?

Different employees are given different grades according to their category, highest grade pay is given to Group A employees and lowest grade pay is given to Group D employees.


In our today’s important article, we have given you all Grade Pay Kya Hota Hai? Detailed information related to this is given. Often many people do not have information related to grade pay in their mind and there are many questions which we have presented today’s post to you keeping in mind.

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