Fun Google Tricks and Secrets You Didn’t Know

google tricks: When we have to search something, we search directly on google, but do you know that there are some such tricks and secrets in google, which can be removed after typing. There are some games in the google from which we search, which we can play easily, there is no need to download them in any way. You just have to type the name of the game in Google.

Have you ever seen google drowning in water or seen a guitar playing. Probably would not have seen because very few people know these tricks. But to enjoy these tricks, you have to do some setting in google chrome, so let’s know.

How to set up Google Tricks 

First of all you have to go to google chrome browser. After this, search by typing in the search box. After searching the image given below will open.

When this page is opened, then you have to go to the settings below. After this, click on Search Setting. And then right click on Never Show Instant Result. Now save the page by lowering it. It happens that when we search, the results do not come, only the tricks of google are shown. If we do not enable it then results will be shown in google search and google tricks will not show in it.

Now after saving the setting, come back to the google page and write the names of the tricks in the search box here. After typing the name  , click on I’am feeling lucky  . After this the tricks will be in front of you. One thing to keep in mind is here you only  have to click on I’am feeling lucky  .

Names of Google Tricks 

1. Play Break Out on Google

This is a game that you must have ever played in your childhood. You can play this game.

2. Epic Google

In this trick, the size of google starts increasing gradually.

3. The Google

In this you will see google upside down.

4. Google Guitar

If you want to play guitar, type google guitar in the search box, the guitar will come like the image given below. Which you can also play.

5. Google Gravity 

In this google falls down.

6. Google Snake 

This is a game that you must have played in Nokia mobile before.

7. Google in 1980

In this you will see the google of 1980, when google was started.

8. Google Underwater

In this you will see google floating in the water.

9. Google Sphere 

In this you will see its options revolving around google.

10. Google Packman

So these were google tricks with which you can surprise your friends. Apart from these tricks, there are other tricks, when you search, more tricks will be shown.

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