Google One VPN is now available for iOS

Google’s entry into the VPN game has so far been limited to Android, but not anymore. As of today, it is finally available for iOS as well.

Google One’s clunky VPN aims to “bring peace of mind to iOS users”. VPN is available to Google One subscribers on Premium plans (2TB or higher) through the Google One iOS app. It’s is priced at USD9.99 per month or USD 99.99 per year. You can share the VPN and your Google One plan with up to five family members at no additional cost, no matter what platform they are using.

VPN by Google

VPN is also available for 10 more countries- Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. More expansion is promised “over time”.

Google One VPN is now available for iOS

The Google service also received three new features: Safe Disconnect to use the internet only when VPN is enabled, App Bypass to allow specific apps to use a standard connection instead of VPN, and Snooze to temporarily turn off the VPN.

VPN by Google 1

Google says its systems have advanced security built in and the client libraries are open source. End-to-end systems have been independently audited, and the Google One VPN is fully certified by the Internet of Things Alliance (ioXt) and has passed all eight security principles. All this should keep you comfortable sharing so much browsing data with Google, we assume. Either way, the company says Google One Premium plans will have more features and security benefits in the future.

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