Free Fire Aur Pubg Mein Kya Antar Hai 2022

Free Fire Aur Pubg Mein Kya Antar Hai Many of you must have played free fire and pubg games but do you know what is the difference between pubg and free fire games or which is the best game out of these two? . If you do not know, then it does not matter, today in this important article , what is the difference between free fire and pubg? We are going to provide detailed information about this which can be very interesting and informative from your point of view.

Free Fire Aur Pubg Mein Kya Antar Hai

If you are a video game lover, then you must read our article from beginning to end because today in this article you are going to get the best information about the comparison of two big games like Free Fire and PUBG. 

Free Fire Aur Pubg Mein Kya Antar Hai

Free Fire VS Pubg Game Highlight 2022

1Made by Garena Company.Tencent made it.
2To run Free Fire, the mobile must have at least 1GB of RAM.Mobile must have minimum 2GB RAM to run PUBG.
3Min Android 4.0.3 version is required.Min Android 5.1.1 version required.
4Free Fire games can also be played at 60fps.Minimum 90fps is required to play Battlegrounds mobile game.

what is free fire

Friends Free Fire is a well known popular game. Free Fire is developed by Garena Company and today there are more than 500 million users of Free Fire in our country who enjoy this game every day. For your information, let us tell you that Free Fire was launched in our country on August 17, 2017. 

But it was not popular at that time, as soon as PUBG was banned in our country, after that the popularity of Free Fire increased day by day and today Free Fire has registered its name in the list of 1 popular game. You can use the Free Fire game absolutely for free and it is also a battleground game in which about 50 people can enjoy the game by staying active in the game at a time.

what is pubg

Pubg game is much more popular than Free Fire and we don’t need much to tell about it. PUBG is also a battleground game and in this game more than 100 people can play the game by staying active in the game at a time. Before the popularity of Free Fire, PUBG was the only user of much more popularity and achievement in our country than Free Fire. 

But when the Chinese application and Chinese goods were boycotted in our country, during that time PUBG was also banned in our country and after a long time, the PUBG game has re-entered our country. In our India, PUBG was again launched by Tencent Game on July 2, 2021 and now there are 2.4 million active users of this new version of PUBG in our country and it is estimated that. 

That within the coming 1 year, there are going to be a lot of users of PUBG India game because its user number is increasing day by day which is becoming a record in itself. For your information, let us tell you that the way the old version was being played for free, in the same way this new version of PUBG will also be played for free and you can download it directly by going to Google’s Play Store to play it. You can 

Requirement 2022 for free fire and pubg game

Friends, now let us tell all of you that what are the things you will need to play pubg game and play free fire game, the information of which has been explained in detail through the points below.

  • To play free fire and pubg games we need latest android phone.
  • You will need a mobile phone performing above 60fps to play the Free Fire game and to play the same PUBG game, you will need a smartphone performing around 90fps.
  • To play both the games, you will need a high profile gaming mobile processor, if your smartphone is not made for gaming then your phone will not be eligible to play these games and for your information let us tell you that above Android 4. In all the smartphones that have been launched so far, such games can be played easily.
  • Both the games run on the internet connection, if your phone will not have internet connection then you will not be able to enjoy these games or if your internet connection will be slow then there is a lot of problem in mobile phone while playing such game. You will have to face

What is the difference between free fire and pubg game 2022

There is no doubt that both these game applications are kings in their respective fields and no other game company can compete with them. They cannot be competed with any outside company or say that with any company, but both of them keep competing in each other. 

Some are the best at something and some are the best at something. Now those who are game lovers, mostly the question in their mind is to play free fire game or play pubg game? , Whatever question you have in your mind regarding both these games, today the answer will be told to you in detail below, so we would like that if you want to understand the comparison of these two well, then below will tell you to understand the information carefully.

Graphic performance of Free Fire and PUBG

Friends, if every gaming lover has to do some comparison in any game, then he first wants to know about the graphics of the game. For your information, let us tell you that the graphic of PUBG game is many times better than the graphic of Free Fire game. If pubg game is most loved for anything in our country

So that’s his best graphic. Everything in Pubg game has been graphically done in a very best way as if everything is in a real way. If you talk about Free Fire game, then its graphic is average and that is why if you talk about the graphics of these two games, then you will get the best graphics in PUBG game.

Performance difference between free fire and pubg game 

If you have a good performing smartphone and if your operating system with RAM and high performance of your smart phone, then pubg game can be best for you because pubg game is known for its best graphics and its best. The graphics class only if you have a good performance smartphone which is designed for gaming purposes only. 

If you have an average smartphone, then Free Fire may be the best option for you because Free Fire is specially designed for devices with all people capability so that the game can be enjoyed inside high and medium performance smartphones of all versions. This game can be played. If you do not have a latest performance phone, then you can definitely enjoy the free fire game on your phone without using PUBG.

Difference between free fire and pubg battleground mode

Friends, the Battleground mode in Free Fire and PUBG game is very different from each other and the user of both the games get its different benefits. But let us tell you for your information that the battle mode of PUBG game is many times better and more advanced than Free Fire. In pubg game 100 people end the game simultaneously. 

And Winner Winner Chicken Dinner keep playing the game for a long time and in the same Free Fire 50 active people keep playing together in the Battleground till the end of the game and we told you that in Free Fire it is completed within just 10 minutes. The game ends because people play with very fast speed in this game and due to the very advanced feature in pubg, people take between 25 minutes to 45 minutes to play 1-1 battleground game . 

Difference between free fire and pubg game characters

Another major difference between the two games will be that the battle royale mode in Free Fire has different characters. The biggest feature of this game is that you can unlock the different characters present in it by passing each stage of the game or with the help of diamonds. Additionally, each Free Fire character has its own unique skill. 

Therefore, choosing a character is not just for aesthetic purposes, but it also helps you master a specific combat skill, which is more suited to your gaming style. If we talk about PUBG, in the same way you can unlock your favorite character in PUBG, but here if you want, with the help of some payment, your favorite character can also be unlocked, just from the character’s point of view. If seen, there is not much difference between PUBG and Free Fire. 

Weapons difference between free fire and pubg 

Friends, in PUBG, more than 40 salary is available for using time during the war in Battleground and in Free Fire less than that salary is available for using time. If we talk about PUBG, then there are many advanced weapons which include Salt Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and Submachine Gun. 

With all the weapons in the PUBG game, you can use them in different ways in Battleground and for your information, let us tell you that all the Weapons of PUBG in Battleground are all used by the user for different benefits. On the other hand, if we talk about free fire, then you get to use very less weapons in the battleground than in this game. 

If you like to use different types of very advanced weapons in battleground game then from this point of view pubg game can be a much better option for you and in the same free fire game you can enter battleground only by using some limited vipins. can do

Difference between free fire and pubg vehicles

You have to use a lot of vehicles to run around in the battle ground and get to your target, and if we tell you which one you will get the most vehicles in free fire or pubg.

So everyone’s answer will be, of course, only in PUBG, yes your thinking is absolutely right. In free fire game we only get cars to use in battleground and inside the same pubg game we get many vehicles in battleground in which cars, Viaz, Dacia, Buggies, Motorcycles, ships are easy for you to see and use will get. 

Downloading size difference between free fire and pubg 

If your phone is not going to have storage and you are thinking that which game we can install in our phone when seen from the storage of storage, then for your information, let us tell you how to download free fire game. For this you may have to spend around 800 MB of storage. 

And if you talk about PUBG Mobile India, then to install this game on your phone, you may have to spend at least 1000 MB of storage. Now which battleground game you would like to use from these comparative point of view, definitely tell us in the comment box.

Some frequently asked questions and their answers related to the difference between free fire and pubg

Here we have provided answers to frequently asked questions about the difference between free fire and pubg games.

Q. What is the name of the owner of Free Fire?

The name of the owner of Free Fire is Forrest Li.

Q. Who is the owner of PUBG Mobile India and what is its name?

The name of the owner of PUBG Mobile India is Chang Han Kim.

Q. Which game is best between Free Fire and PUBG?

For better battleground experience, you may find pubg game one of the best option because its graphics are very good and not only this you also get to use many great weapons during battle in battleground and the same in free fire Everything is limited.

Q. Is free fire game free or pubg game free?

Both the games are absolutely free, you do not need to spend a single penny to install or use it.

Q. Who has the most users of Free Fire game or PUBG Mobile India game?

Free Fire game has more than 450 million users and the same PUBG Mobile India currently has more than 33 million users. For your information, let us tell you that the users of PUBG Mobile India are increasing very fast day by day.


We have provided detailed information about this in our today’s important article to all of you guys and we hope that our today’s important article for gaming lover was much more fun . Will happen. You must have come to know about the detailed information about Free Fire and Pubg very much difference.

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