Google Honours Feminist Icon, Educator Fatima Sheikh With A Doodle

Fatima Sheikh social reformer: Fatima Sheikh was an Indian educator, who was a colleague of the social reformers Jyotiba Phule and Savitribai Phule.[1][2] Fatima Sheikh was the sister of Mian Usman Sheikh, in whose house Jyotiba and Savitribai Phule took up residence. One of the first Muslim women teachers of modern India, she started educating Dalit children in Phules’ school. Jyotiba and Savitribai Phule along with Fatima Sheikh took charge of spreading education among the downtrodden communities.

Fatima Sheikh social reformer

today’s doodle celebrates Indian educator and feminist icon Fatima sheikh who is widely considered to be India’s first Muslim woman teacher dear friends today we will talk about one of the first Muslim woman teacher of modern India

Fatima Sheikh social reformer

fatima sheikh was an Indian educator who was the colleague of the social reformer Mudiwa fulay and savitriwai fulay fatima sheikh was a sister of man usman sheikh in house whose house jyotibha and savitribai fulay took up residence one of the first muslim woman teacher of modern india she started educating dallas children’s in full school

jyotima and savidhibai fulay along with fatima sheikh took charges of spreading education among the downtrodden communities savvitri bhai and jyotibha fulay had to leave their home because they wanted to educate women and balance for going against his brahminical views savitriba’s father-in-law

threw them out of the house in such trying time fatima sheikh offered refuse to the
couple that home soon become the first girl school in the country she taught at all five schools that the fullest wanted to be established and she’s taught children for all

Fatima Sheikh social reformer

religions and caste little is known of fatima sheikh lives beyond her environment with the foolish however the residence she’s faced must have been even more she was recognized
not only as a woman but also as a muslim woman the upper caste people react vaginally
and even voluntary to

the start of the school they plated stone and cow drug at fatima and savidhibai while they could be in their way but both the woman remind understanding understand the journey was even tougher for fatima sheikh both the hindus and as well as muslim community
however she never gave up and continued to go door to door encouraging females and
parents especially those for

the muslim community to send their daughters at school as several writings say fadima used to spend hours counseling parents who did not wish to send their girls to school feature alongside fellow pioneers and social reformers jotaro and sabatry by pulley she co founded

the indigenous library in 1848 one of india’s first schools for girls fatima sheep was born
on this day in 1831 in puna india she lived with her brother osman and the siblings opened their home to the fuels after the couple was evicted for attempting to educate people in lower

castes the indigenous library opened under the sheik’s roof here savagery by pulley and fatima she taught communities of marginalized dalid and muslim women and children who were denied education based on class religion or gender the fuels efforts to provide educational opportunities to those born into india’s

lower castes became known as the sabyashotik samaj truth-seekers society movement as a lifelong champion of this movement for equality she crept door-to-door to invite the downtrodden in her community to learn of the indigenous library and escape

the rigidity of the indian caste system she met great resistance from the dominant
classes who attempted to humiliate those involved in the savvy shot movement but
sheik and her allies persisted although sheik’s story has been historically overlooked the indian government showed

new light on her achievements in 2014 by featuring her profile in urdu textbooks
alongside other trailblazing indian educators early drafts of the doodle

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