Covid Omicron Variant: Know what is Omicron variant, see all the information of Omicron here 2022

Covid Omicron Variant : You must be aware of Coronavirus, which is the same virus that has disturbed the lives of people for the last 2 years. This year has caused millions of deaths around the world and the youth of many countries are struggling with poverty and unemployment. In India too, there has been a lot of adverse effect due to Coronavirus and unemployment graph has increased a lot since last 2 years with lakhs of deaths.

Omicron COVID Variant Symptoms
Omicron COVID Variant Symptoms

Vaccination is being done very fast in India to protect against this virus, due to which immunity is increasing rapidly in people and reducing the effect of corona. But recently it has been learned that another variant of this virus has been found named ” Covid Omicron Variant “.

What is Covid Omicron Variant?

In fact, on 24 November 2021, a new variant of the coronavirus was first found in South Africa, which has mutated more than 30 times. Because of which scientists fear that this Covid Omicron variant can spread much faster than other variants. Currently, the Covid Omicron Variant has wreaked havoc in South Africa. The situation in South Africa is so bad that even though a one-stage lockdown has been imposed there, the number of patients is increasing.

The World Health Organization has described Omi Krone as a variant of concern. Although not much information has been revealed about this virus so far, but it is being feared that it can greatly reduce the effect of the vaccine. The World Health Organization has named this new virus as B.1.1.529 and named it Omicron .

Has it come to India too? Covid Omicron Variant

According to the information, this new virus name has also knocked in the country of India. In Karnataka, 2 patients of Omi Cron variant of coronavirus have been confirmed. This information has been shared by the Union Health Ministry. Union Health Joint Secretary Luv Agarwal said on Friday that so far 2 patients of Omi Chrom virus have been confirmed in India and both these patients are from Karnataka.

What do doctors say about Covid Omicron Variant?

Not much information has been revealed about this virus, but doctors have requested to be very careful. In this sequence, Dr Naresh Trehan, founder of Medanta Hospital, has shared very important information about this virus and asked people to be careful with this virus. He has said that a person infected with the omi cron variant of the coronavirus can infect 18 to 20 people.

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