How to Check VI Balance and Customer Care Number in English

Today’s our article is related to Check VI Balance, in this article we are going to tell you how you can see VI balance and what are its benefits to you, as well as how to check its offers and what is VI Customer Care Number. We will talk about all these in detail in today’s article so that you can get complete information about it and you can use all the features easily.

Earlier the SIM of Vodafone and Idea was different, so people knew about it because it is a very old telecom company, about which people were aware of all its USSD codes, but later they became one in the mind of their user. Many different types of questions have started arising in me and due to which today’s article has been written, in this we will give you information about all the useful VI USSD Codes so that you can use them as per your requirement.

What Is VI

If you are an old user of Vodafone or Idea, then you would know that earlier due to the separation of these two companies, you were given their different networks like Vodafone user was given Vodafone’s network and Idea user was given Idea’s network. The network was given, but after the merger of both, the users of both the companies are given the network of VI (Vodafone Idea).

Although these two companies have merged with each other, but the users of both can still get the necessary information by using all the old USSD codes, along with this all the features have been kept as before so that their users can get any kind of information. There should be no problem and he can use his SIM properly.

Check VI Balance

How To Check VI Balance

If you want to get information about VI balance or offer, then for this we are telling you about some very important and useful USSD codes so that you can get complete information about it.

  • VI Account Balance – *99*2#
  • VI Special Offers – *121#
  • VI Data Balance – * 111 * 6 * 2 #
  • VI Delights – * 111 * 1 #
  • VI Hello Tunes – 5525 or 54206090

Through the USSD of VI that we have told you, you can very easily get information about your account balance, data balance, Digits and Hello Tune etc.

VI Important And Useful USSD Codes

In VI, you have been given many different types of ussd codes like other telecom companies, through which you can get useful information very easily and through this you can get any information related to your sim like balance offer, service You will be able to get information related to etc.

If you are a VI customer then all these USSD can be very useful for you, in this you will get many different types of information.

  • Balance & Validity – *111# / *141#
  • Best Offer – *121#
  • Sim Number Check – *111# / *111*2#
  • Data Balance Check – *111*2*2*1#
  • Credit & Talktime Loan –  *111*3*6#
  • GPRS Internet Settings –  Send Message “ALL” To 144
  • MCI  Miss Call Service – *888*810#
  • Customer Care – 198 / 199 / 9813098130
  • Caller Tune – *567#

This is the basic USSD of all VI, often all people need it and through this you can get many different types of information.

Other VI USSD Code

Now we are telling you about some other important USSD codes so that you can use it when needed and get any necessary information through it.

  • Talktime Validity Check – *111# / *141# / *111*2*1#
  • 2G / 3G / 4G Internet Check USSD – * 111 * 2 * 2 * 1 #
  • 2G/3G/4G Internet Check SMS – “DATA Bal” To 144
  • Daily SMS Check – *143#
  • VI Roaming Recharge Offer – *111*5*5#
  • VI Data Recharge Offer Check – *111*5*6#
  • Missed Call Activate – *888*810#
  • VI Language Change – *111*6*1#
  • Nearly VI Store – *111*6*2#

Using these USSD, you can change the language of your VI, along with this you can find the nearest VI store and can also see the data balance of 2G, 3G, 4G etc. Apart from this, you can also get many different types of information. can.

VI Service & Customer Care

If you want to get information about VI service or want to contact customer service representative, then you can use these USSD for this.

  • VI Complaint -199 & 198
  • Main Balance Pack Activation – *444*Pack Amount#
  • Customer Care Helpline – 198
  • VAS Deactivate – 155223
  • Data Activate / Deactivate – 1925
  • Do Not Disturb – 1909
  • Tele-Verification – 59059
  • Mobile Number Portability Helpline – 18001234567

Through these you can contact VI customer care and register any kind of complaint, apart from this you can activate or deactivate any kind of service.

If you use internet then you can also install VI Store application from play store and you can register with your mobile number after that you can get all the information related to your number very easily on it. This is a very good way to get any information related to your number online.

Calculation – In this article, we have told you what is VI customer care number and how to activate or deactivate service in it and apart from this, there are many other types of USSD, so that you can get many different types of information related to your number. If you like it then definitely share it with your friends and if you like the information then definitely share it with your friends.

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