100% effective way to know Bijali Ka Metre Kaise Band Kare 2022

Bijali Ka Metre Kaise Band Kare

Bijali Ka Metre Kaise Band Kare Seeing the rising inflation, everyone wants that the electricity bill should come at least in their house and we try to turn off the electricity meter considering our need. Therefore, in this article, detailed information has been given  on how to turn off the electricity meter .

Electricity meter installed in the house is the only device that informs the electricity department about the electricity consumed by you and a monthly fee is levied on your electricity consumption. If you are able to slow down or turn off the electricity meter, your monthly charges will drop significantly

what is electricity meter

Electricity meter is a special type of device which is installed by the electricity department in the house of those consumers whose electricity is consumed in the house. When we use electricity in our house, that electricity is delivered to our house by the electricity department and we have to pay monthly fee according to our consumption. 

Bijali Ka Metre Kaise Band Kare

Earlier electricity meters were of analog or mechanical type, which was often easy to tamper with, but nowadays digital or smart meters have been installed, which have chips that record your consumption, it is very difficult to tamper with this type of meter. it happens. 

how electricity meter works

As we told you that electricity meter is a special type of device which records the information of electricity consumption made by us and transmits it to the electricity department so that we can pay monthly charges on it. 

Previously all households had analog mechanical power meters in which a red colored trigger would rotate roundly. When you consumed one unit of electricity, that trigger would spin once and the number of times it rotated would be written down. At the end of the month, someone from the electricity department used to come and tell you your monthly fee according to that number. 

In this method, by tinkering with the wire of that trigger upwards in the power meter, you used to use as much electricity as you wanted and then set that trigger again as before. . There used to be a lot of risk in this, understanding the problems faced by people at times, digital or smart electricity meters were installed in homes. 

Smart electricity meters have a chip that records the consumption of your unit and automatically sends it to the electricity department. And when this happens again and again, they cut off the electricity of your house. 

how to turn off electricity meter 

By now you must have understood what is an electricity meter and how it works, let us tell you that it is almost impossible to turn off the electricity meter. It is not that it is difficult to turn off the electricity meter, because of this you should not do it, but you should understand that it is a kind of legal offense. 

Switching off the electricity meter is theft of electricity, for which many villages in India are craving for electricity, you steal that electricity, it is a punishable offense. But still, some information about how people can do your electricity meter is given below –

  • Replace the old fans of your house and install a new one, when they become too old, those fans draw a lot of electricity. 
  • Replace the old CFL LED bulb as well, where the old bulb takes 100 watts of power, while the new bulb takes 10 watts of power. 
  • Use the washing machine only for washing clothes, do not use the dryer installed in it, drying the clothes naturally, using that dryer consumes more electricity. 
  • If your house is equipped with AC, then do not use it too much, it needs more electricity to maintain low temperature. 
  • If not needed, then keep some important switches like fan, switch, charger off. 

WARNING – We never appreciate breaking the law at all nor will we advise you to break any kind of law through any of our articles. If you do some such tampering with your electricity meter connection, then you may not have to go through heavy fines and legal proceedings, our purpose was only to make you aware of the information through this article.

If you do something like this, then you will be responsible for it yourself and you may even be imprisoned for doing something like this, so before doing anything, understand the necessary rules related to it.

Frequently asked questions and answers related to how to turn off the electricity meter

Here ‘s how to turn off the electricity meter? We have answered some of the important questions related to which people are often asked.

Q. Who invented the electricity meter?

The electricity meter was invented by Michael Faraday.

Q. How much does the electricity meter cost for consuming one unit of electricity?

If you spend between 0 units to 100 units, then you have to pay ₹ 6.10 paise per unit. For consumption up to 150 units, you have to pay ₹ 6.50 per unit and for 200 units you have to pay ₹ 6.95 per unit. If your news is from 201 units to 300 units, you will have to pay ₹ 8.05 per unit.

Q. One unit means how many watts?

1 unit means 1000 watts.

Q. How do we turn off the electricity meter?

Switching off the electricity meter is a legal offense for which you can be fined and punished. So if you want to turn off the video meter then stop consuming power.


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