Best Selfie Camera Phone 2022

Best Selfie Camera Phone: A good camera setup is one of the primary reasons for picking a top-quality smartphone. while some people place performance value on money or battery life above all else when choosing a new phone for many it’s a device camera setup, especially the selfie. Now we are discussing the best choosing a selfie camera smartphone for you. we have made a list of the 5 best selfie camera smartphones that you can consider buying for 2022.

1. Samsung galaxy z4 3 and z flip 3

Best Selfie Camera Phone

Samsung galaxy z4 3 and z flip 3 is the most amazing thing about these two smartphones is you can use the rear cameras for shooting selfies. you can expand the fold and use the outer screen as a viewfinder and in the case of the z flip 3, there is a tiny screen next to the cameras which you can use to shoot selfies when the device is flipped close. the Samsung galaxy z4 3 features three 12mp cameras and flip has two 12mp shooters they both have dedicated selfie cameras too but why use them when you are using rear cameras for shooting selfies other exciting features of these two phones are they both are powered by the powerful snapdragon triple eight chipsets that come with up to 12 GB of ram and up to 5 GB of internal storage.

2. Apple iPhone 13 seriesgalaxy z4 3

Best Selfie Camera Phone

Apple iPhone 13 series we can’t ignore apple cameras here the latest and the greatest from the fruity company is the iPhone 13 series this includes the iPhone 13 mini iPhone 13 13 pro and the greatest 13 pro max, well they all vary in size and specification they what they have in common is the selfie camera shooter all iPhone 13 devices come with a 12 mp front-facing camera and it has an f 2.2 aperture and a 1 by a 3.6-inch sensor with a 3d depth sensor and a 4k recording capability iPhone 13 devices are some of the best selfie camera phones not to mention the phones. the other exciting feature of the iPhone 13 is its powerful processor that is apple a15 bionic which is a powerful one with an amazing ios 15 software experience and long-lasting battery life when it comes to rear camera iPhone 13 series is the best in the smartphone industry.

3. Oneplus 9 series

Best Selfie Camera Phone

The oneplus 9 and one plus 9 pros have the same 16 mp Sony IMX 471 sensor this sensor has a one-micrometer pixel size the camera also supports electronic image stabilization and has an aperture of f 2.4. All these numbers equate to great selfie pictures and you will love taking selfies from these camera smartphones from one plus brings great image quality for their selfie images without running images with the heavy post-processing furthermore the one plus 9 and 9 pros are great phones that come at a reasonable price point it is the best phones in the industry. the other exciting features are a powerful snapdragon 8 processor with up to 12 GB of ram and internal storage. up to 256 GB.

4. google pixel 6 series

Best Selfie Camera Phone

google pixel 6 series google’s pixel phones can’t be ignored. whenever you are talking about smartphone cameras these devices have surpassed all expectations for years and their cameras are widely known as some of the best in the industry. What makes the pixel phones unique is mostly their computational photography so these phones will do great regardless of hardware, this is why the google pixel 6 series offers some of the best selfies camera phones despite sporting every selfie camera in terms of resolution.

The google pixel 6 and pixel 6 pros are also excellent phones and the base version come at a very reasonable price point the design has been improved specifications compete with the best in the market and pixel devices are among the first to get upgrades it sounds like other android phones will have a hard time competing with these phones don’t confuse with the number this phone comes with an 8 mp selfie camera and gives best picture quality in the industry it also comes with a dual selfie camera in the pixel 6 and triple rear camera in the 6 pros comprises 50mp main camera lens 48mp second and a 12mp third lens both the phones are powered by the powerful google tensor chip coupled with up to 12 GB of ram and up to vital GPU.

5. Asus zenfone 8 flip

Best Selfie Camera Phone

Asus zenfone 8 flip is one of the best selfie camera phones because it goes for more than a simple front-facing shooter instead, it utilizes the camera in the rear with a mechanism that flips them around to point towards. the front means the selfie photos will be as good as standard ones because they literally use the same cameras. The camera system is very similar to what we had in the Asus zenfone 7 pro this includes a 64 mp Sony IMX 686 main camera with an aperture of f 1.8 and a sony IMX 363 12 mp camera with an aperture of f 2.2 and it is an ultra.

white lens and the third one is the 8mp 3x telephoto. The motor and flipping mechanism has also been improved for smoother motion and more endurance not only has got it the best cameras. This phone also comes with impressive specifications like a massive battery and a gorgeous 6.67-inch wallet screen the smartphone is powered by a snapdragon 8 chipset coupled with up to 12 GB of ram and up to 256 GB of internal storage.

6. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra has a 20 megapixels camera that is pretty much industry standard these days, including filters and options that now allow you to take a group photo and if you got to face problems unlike me, you can get all of those Meitu features to beautify yourself when taking pictures and even making video calls. For video, the front selfie camera goes up to 1080p and 60 frames per second and it’s actually pretty steady as you can see. But I think this is some sort of digital stabilization.

The performance in the front camera is pretty meh. All the back cameras support video capture up to 4K 60 frames per second or 8K 24 frames per second. You can choose between H.264 and H.265 codecs. H.265 is really hard to edit on most computers so I would generally suggest that you stick to H.264. You can also shoot in HDR10+ though if your monitor or phone does not support it as this one does. Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra rear camera setup in which the main lens is 50MP, which has an aperture f / 1.95, the second lens is a 48MPl ultra-wide lens, which has an aperture f / 2.2 and a view of 128 degrees. The third lens is 48MP with which 120x digital zoom is available.

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