Apple iPhone 13 – Full phone specifications

Apple iPhone 13: With every iPhone launch Apple builds upon the success of their previous generation – the upgrades tho are often very incremental and let’s be generous – this change is barely noticeable especially cosmetically…. this sparks the debate of whether this year’s model is a worthy upgrade over last years – here’s where I’d usually say, “Hey!

Apple iPhone 13

This is what the phone has to offer and wait for the full review!” but today I’m not gonna make you wait for the review – In fact I’m gonna throw in a spoiler alert right now – I’m not even gonna make you wait until the end of this Post – If you are coming from the iphone 12, don’t even bother, if you are coming from an older gen iPhone or anything else for that matter – go on watch this Post, my name’s Ash you’re watching cessind and let’s get started,

Apple iPhone 13

rips off peels gently takes the iPhone outta the box peels again Here’s the part where we crib about the omissions, the jack, the charger – it is what it is at this point…

So, I’m not gonna really.. I am gonna crib about it but I’m not gonna really crib about it, whatever that means… Anyway moving on…

This phone is built extremely well and looks and feels every bit as premium as the iphone
12, in fact – it has the same aluminium rails sandwiched between two planes of glass, the
screen looks to be the exact same size at 6.1 inches, its amoled but this time around
the panel is brighter… it can go upto 800 nits where last year’s panel could only
go upto 625 – what do I mean regular brightness?

Cuz there is HDR support here so parts of the panel can still boost upto 1200 nits when
needed for hdr – which is the same as the iPhone 12 Now if you are thinking – I am so having a sense of deja vu, I feel like I’ve heard this all before – well you have – cuz the display on the iPhone 13 is pretty much what we had on the 12 pro last year…

Well it’s not exactly the same display cuz – the notch is smaller this year – we still
have a 12mp selfie camera which is the same as last year and there’s also face id and
the earpiece continues to double as a stereo speaker…

The other speaker, we find that to the bottom alongside the lightning port and primary microphone…

and as always the powerkey’s to the right, the volume rockers, mute switch and sim tray
are to the left..
Nothing up top….

To the back – yes the camera’s are placed differently but that’s all that’s changed…
we still have the same ceramic shield coating that Apple claims is 4x more shatter resistant
than regular glass – will it survive a 3.5 ft drop tho?

And if doesnt will ppl blame this on it not being victus – ok wait stupid querstions – lets
get back to the Post… Where were we?

Ok performance- like every other iPhone that launched,… this one too has the a15 bionic
at the heart of everything – so this is gonna give you the best iOS experience yet –
I mean the a14 or even the a13 for that matter are stupid fast… so the fact that we didnt
face any stutters – micor or otherwise in the time we spent with this phone wasnt really
a surprise…

Now technically the iPhone 13 has one GPU core less than the Pros but the pros are also
pushing twice the refresh and so the extra cores probably just gonna offset the extra
resource drain…

Other specs include 4gigs of ram just like last year… RAM numbers are generally not worth discussing with iPhones, cuz no matter what Apple puts in, the RAM management has almost always been exceptional…

What has changed here though – is the base variant… it’s now 128 gigs compared to 64….
So where we had 64 128 and 256 as options, we now have 128 256 and 512 – more storage
is always nice to have…

Now if you look closely at the iphone 12 and the 13, you’d notice a couple of things…
The 13 is ever so slightly thicker than its predecessor and also happens to be about 10
grams heavier – why you ask? Well battery – the 2815 mah battery from last year has now been replaced by a 3240 mah battery

a good 15% increase – apple claims this should result in over 2 extra hours of battery
life – that’s quite a positive to me especially when you take into account the charge speeds
haven’t really changed – 20w wired, 15w magsafe, 7.5w regular qi wireless…

Now with the cameras – the iPhone 13 has the exact same op[tics as the iPhone 13 mini that
we saw yesterday – so lemme cut to a quick clip from that Post…

And now with that done… let’s now get to the pricing… the base 128 gb iPhone 13 stars
at 79990 – which while expensive at least gets us twice the storage – 64 to 128… and
if you want the top 512 btw that’s gonna cost a cool 109900 rupees but at that price, early
morning 4am – I am I’d compromise on

the storage and move up to the pro – and I guess that’s exactly what apple’d want
me to do – that’s how marketing gets you…

Anyway bottomline – as I said in the beginning of the Post, if you’re coming from an iPhone
12, the iPhone 13 probably doesn’t have much to offer to you – but if you have an older
iPhone or if you are maybe contemplating jumping ship – the iPhone 13 seems to be a solid phone

so anyway there you have it – that’s been my take on the iPhone 13 – what do you guys
think about it?
Love it, hate it?
Dun care?
Lemme know in the comments below And with that we get to the end.

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