5 Powerful Android Apps And Tricks 2022

5 Powerful Android Apps And Tricks 2022: powerful android applications for you In which surprise application is also included

My name is Rakib Khan 1st application Which is a picture password If your smartphone has secret things like girlfriend photos Or any other thing except this And if you think the locks are given in your phone either fingerprint, face lock, pattern lock, pin lock are normal as compared to your data Because you need high-level security

Android Apps And Tricks

Is it?

So do try this app with the help of this app, you can enable picture password lock in your phone

What’s this?

This is a picture And here choose 1 number After that, drag this number and place it anywhere as I am placing it here now to unlock the phone, the picture and number combination should be the match Like drag and place the number here which you had set
After that, you have to scan your fingerprint

Only then your phone will unlock Now, if any new person takes your phone how do he/she know which number to place He/she don’t even get to know what’s this Except for this, you will get so many background images So you can choose accordingly It’s a powerful application
Which makes your privacy more secure

Even our Indian RAW don’t do Now, you like tip and trick Post Because you like new tips

So do try the next application whose name is ‘Rule Bot’ with the help of this app, you can make lots of tricks Yes With the help of this app, you can create so many automatic tasks
For example, if you want to enable or disable the Wifi automatically whenever you will reach home or office Or you want to play music or alarm whenever your phone gets 100% charged
You can do even that also

If you want to open the Youtube or any favorite app automatically whenever you will plug In the earphone You can do that too If you want to close internet, Wifi, Bluetooth automatically when you sleep at night and automatically turn on in the morning you can do even that also
Click on the Plus icon go to ‘Add sample rule’

here you get so many samples You just have to enable them like if you want to enable or disable Wifi on any location Except for this, if you want to make your own custom task
Click on the plus icon, go to ‘8 basic rule’

Click on the event and add trigger And can add the action accordingly It’s a very useful application If I will tell you about this application in details this Post will be too long and you
Your hands will pain, your time will get wasted

Isn’t it?

Next, 1 sec Note The name describes that it is a simple notepad where you can add your notes in seconds This is a pop-up notepad If you’re using any application And you want to note something urgently Then simply click here A pop up will get opened here you can write that important thing

And can save it It will show in your notification panel as a notification And the colors here are very beautiful If you select randomly every time the color will keep changing automatically
And you can place it anywhere on the screen during the use of any application

Swipe left to see all the notes click here to save you can pin it as well Can copy and share
And do you know what’s the best thing about this Here you get ‘cloud feature’

It means the notes will keep backing up online Cloud, Notion, Dropbox, Evernote, OneNote, Google Drive, note sheet, google sheet,

Can choose any of these to enable the backup It’s very useful Even if you do some work on the computer the data will keep transferring online Whatever you will note It’s a simple application

But it’s very useful It’s cold Yes No, I am talking on phone From my cap Well, You’re also ‘ if you haven’t watched it In that video, I had told about this digital cap Which has an in-build Bluetooth I know you haven’t

So the next app is ‘Pix Wallpaper’ And this is especially for those who try new wallpaper
And want to try minimal and unique wallpaper here you get so many minimal and unique wallpaper you get to see Google pixels wallpaper Very attractive wallpaper

go to collection to get the colors collection Where you get to see lovey wallpapers go to shape and here also you get a lot of wallpaper Which are so attractive You get so many wallpapers of pixels And everyone love pixels wallpaper Do try

It’s always fun to try something new so its time for the surprise application And it is very useful for WhatsApp, Instagram, and Reels users whose name is Rakib Khan With the help of this application It is connected to my cap In this application, you can make your own Post

In just some seconds Can make a video from a photo Which I am showing on your screen
There are so many templates Where you can make video from your photo with music
so many filters Someone’s birthday or you want to impress your girlfriend again
You can make such videos It has a special category of WhatsApp status for WhatsApp users
You get to see so many statuses here

You can download and share these statuses Or if you want to make your own video
Tap on ‘create a video’ and can create your own video One more thing here is ‘Filmy’
Means shot videos People upload shot videos here

The effects and filters are so powerful And If you wish you can also make your shot videos
However, there are so many things you get in this app Do try you will love it Okay, do you know Arre, Listen

You can switch the volume panel of your smartphone right to left You can make it colorful as well I know you didn’t know so you can do with the help of this app Whose name is ‘custom volume panel’ With the help of this app, you can give a unique look to your volume panel
You don’t get neon and glitch style in other volume custom panels

but here you get neon style something like this Glitch style something like this sun ray panel, like this there are so many simple as well And the Rainbow panel which I liked the most
well all the panels are lovely And every panel come with 2 mode

Dark mode 2. Light mode Same like this Its dark mode And this is a light mode This is also very useful But some of the panels are free some are premium You don’t have to spend too much on premium Just 90 Rs for a lifetime Oh, I have told all the 5 applications including the surprise app

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